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5 Lbs. NONGMO Laura® Soybeans 2023 Crop best for Soymilk Tofu Tempeh Boiling


(89 customer reviews)

Crop Year:


5 pounds of 2023 Laura® Soybeans for the best Soymilk and Tofu in a resealable poly bag.

1 lbs of soybeans produces about 1.5 gallons of milk using a soy milk maker.

The Chambers Family Farm produces the highest quality food soybeans available for your home and family. All of our food soybeans are NON-GMO and grown, tended, harvested and packaged right here on our 5th generation family farm. Quality You Can Trust from our family to yours!

89 reviews for 5 Lbs. NONGMO Laura® Soybeans 2023 Crop best for Soymilk Tofu Tempeh Boiling

  1. Anonymous

    excellent flavor

  2. Anonymous

    M y African Grey parrot, Miss Scarlett, loves your beans.
    We were buying a mix from the pet store but she would only eat , which we found later, the soy bean. After several other beans she likes yours the best.

  3. YoYo

    I was hoping to get some soybeans at my local groceries, but surprisingly I wasn’t able to. So I went online and found this brand at Amazon instead. After comparing the price I decided to get it directly from so I can support the brand directly.

    The beans arrived quickly and they look round/big/clean. I soaked mine til they are double in size, then I put them in a blender with 1/2 amount of water util it turned into a smooth mix. Then I boiled the other 1/2 of water before adding the soybean mixture to prevent burns. I simple strain the milk afterward and I am done!

    The milk turned out clean and creamy, just the way I expected. I am really happy with the beans.


    I recently bought a soy milk maker and made my first batch. It tasted terrific, not beany at all! Thanks to Laura ‘s soybeans. Will never consider using any other! Thanks for this wonderful product.

  5. Jim Wiley

    I am a tofu junky. I eat it everyday. The Laura soybeans are the best I have purchased. Because they are fresh, the tofu that I make from these is incredible. Great price as well. I highly recommend these!

  6. Yisrael savigne

    The product is great great taste soy bean roasted awesome must get going to order again recommended

  7. Anonymous

    A great bean! Makes tasty milk!!

  8. JW Hudson

    This is my second order of these wonderful soybeans.. I make soy milk.. and tofu .. they have the cleanest taste.. Shipping is reasonable and very fast.. Thank you .. I will be ordering again soon..

  9. Sharon Mathis

    Just placed second order. Love the quality! Makes great soymilk and tofu!

  10. John

    You can tell just by looking these are high quality beans. The fact that they are current crop is also very nice. I’ll be ordering more regularly!

  11. Anonymous

    Love these soybeans for making simple homemade soymilk. Just beans and filtered water. Taste very fresh. Will definitely purchase more. Thanks

  12. Anonymous

    The side of the bag was split open and I lost quite a few beans. I’m not sure if it was mistakenly sent with a hole or if it happened in transit. I taped the side of the bag with packaging tape and used the beans as planned. The beans are good quality and my tempeh turned out prefect. This is my first purchase from this company and I’m assuming this doesn’t happen all the time. I’ll probably purchase again.

  13. Anonymous

    I have using Laura’s Soybeans for years to make my own soymilk. The packages have never had poor quality or unusable beans. I have been completely happy with their product and am not inclined to search elsewhere.

  14. George

    I bought 5 pounds this bigger beans for soy milk and 13 pounds smaller beans for sprout. They are the best soybeans I have ever found. We make the soy milk by Vitamixis. It smells and tastes just great. We’ll drink soy milk instead of milk from now on. I’ll recommend to all my friends.

  15. anita

    The product came in a well made zip bag which I didn’t expected. The bag can keep the beans fresh without any problem.
    I just used a small amount of the beans once for making soy milk. It turned out good.

  16. Anonymous

    Makes great tasting soy milk!

  17. JDG

    These soybeans are always very clean and top quality. We use them for fresh milk and tofu, the flavor is fresh and free of other tastes

  18. Jacqueline

    Very fresh and clean. Produces great tasting soya bean milk. That is why we keep going back for more. Thanks!

  19. Joyce Chiu

    Testy and fresh soy milk. I’ll definitely keep going order for more.

  20. Anonymous

    Best soybeans and the nicest people 🙂
    My wife will only use Laura beans. She has tried others but they don’t taste as good as these do.

  21. Wanda

    My mom loves, loves Laura’s soybeans she says they are the best quality she has ever tasted and had for 84 years. Mom is 84 and she uses the beans with rice, salads, soy milk, tofu and many more she even came up with soy cheese made by herself.

  22. GinnyB

    There are a couple of other NON-GMO brands out there, but I trust Laura’s. They make very tasty soy milk and it is so much less expensive – and environmentally sound – to make it yourself instead of lugging home cartons that will end up in the landfill. Only wish: Homemade soy milk made in soy milk maker (I have a Soya Joy) is really too thin for homemade soy yogurt. Would be wonderful if someone would experiment with machine homemade milk to make a nice, thick soy yogurt. So far, my attempts have been less than satisfactory. And I really don’t want to do the old-fashioned way of blending beans (which allows you to use more beans, which equals thicker milk and thicker yogurt) and cooking on the stove. Thanks to anyone who can help.

  23. John dolan

    I just started making my own soy milk. This brand tastes a lot better than the grocery store brand. Will continue to purchase these from you

  24. Les

    I was pleased to discover that I could order direct from Laura Soybeans rather than through Amazon which I did for my initial trial. I live in Phoenix, AZ and the order came through perfectly.

  25. Laura

    I’ve used Laura’s soy beans for my soy milk for several years, now. They are fresh and that makes a big difference. Old soy beans sitting around for months are not the same and are not generally uniform in size.

    FYI: I’ve ordered Laura’s soy beans on Amazon in the past, but I get more for the same price plus shipping direct. If that changes by the time a reader sees my review, then great.

  26. Anonymous

    I enjoy the products I make from these beans. Laura’s are always my benchmark! Thank You!

  27. Angela Lynn

    Very satisfied with products from Laura Soybeans. I used them in the past for soymilk and now am using them for making tempeh. Great taste and no worries about GMO, win win!

  28. Angela Lynn Wolfe

    Quality and dependability of Laura soy beans never disappoints me. They make the best tempeh and soy milk I ever made.

  29. KA

    Beans are great quality. I was really satisfied with their shipping and handling.

  30. Anonymous

    Fresh and great quality soybeans. Used for making soy milk.

  31. Anonymous

    Order for soybeans shipped quickly and all arrived in good order. First use for tofu came out very well.

  32. kaz Forbes

    Their soy beans are excellent as I expected, but I recieved my beans very promptly even in this difficult time with Covid 19 pandemic! I’ll definitely order from them again!

  33. Anonymous

    Their soybean is premium quality and so is their service! For the first time, I successfully made bean sprouts. You can definitely taste different compare to the ones from the market. Also, soy milk with Laura’s soybean was exquisite! Highly recommend!

  34. Anonymous

    Very fresh

  35. Annette from Somerset

    I have made soy milk from these beans so far and was very pleased with the results. The yield is quite high for the quantity of beans and the okara is very fine. That’s a win-win. Looking forward to making tofu next.

  36. Heather Chong

    First time trying soybean sprouts with Laura and it came out wonderful! Homemade soymilk was perfect and delicious! Going to try tofu as well.

  37. Mama

    I ordered 5Lb Soy bean .
    And I made bean cold noodles soup & soy bean sprouts.
    Tast is Amazing!! I really love Laura Soy beans products.

  38. Anonymous

    I ordered 5lb soy bean and received it in time. It’s very good quality.

  39. Grandma L.

    Very pleased with the quality of the soybeans. All of the beans I soaked sprouted. Made soybean milk that was delicious, and far superior to any I’ve made before. These soybeans produce far better results than what I can find in local specialty groceries, I will be ordering more soon.

  40. Anonymous

    I used the beans for sprouting.
    I had a great success and they tasted great. I highly recommend it.

  41. Annette

    This was my first time purchasing soybeans so my only comparison is what I have seen and read online. I have been quite pleased with the soy milk I have made (about three batches so far). There were only a few “floaters” (beans you toss out) and only one or two discolored beans – which is a very low amount in comparison to videos I have watched of others making soy milk online. These beans were well grown, handled, and packaged. Shipping was efficient, and I will definitely buy more in the future. Also, the muslin fabric I had on hand was a little too think, so you may want to purchase a nut bag from Amazon or thin muslin from a fabric store if you plan to make soy milk and/or tofu.

  42. Wanda R.

    I always order for my mom she loves these soy beans it’s one of her favorites every year I order for her she makes tofu, milk and use for cooking meals like yellow soy beans rice or white steamy rice with soy beans and she also use them in her salads. I rate this product with Excellence and best quality! Highly recommended.

  43. Wesley

    Good and reasonable price Non-GMO soybeans for blender with soy milk function. Quick delivery (within 1 week). I will return for this item.

  44. Sylvia Olimpi

    A few years ago I got a Soya Joy soy milk maker, and a sample of these beans were included. The vendor said they were the best they knew of for making soy milk. I used them but replaced them with organic beans from my local health food store. It wasn’t awful, and I didn’t notice right away, but after a few more efforts I found myself thinking maybe I didn’t like soy milk as much as I had thought! Then I remembered Soya Joy’s claim and bought more beans from Laura. Problem fixed! I have never gone back.

  45. Anonymous

    It tastes and smells like soy milk. Discarded my other one as compost, which had no taste. Will return when I need more.

  46. Anonymous

    love Laura soybeans. Been using them for the past few years. They have been consistently fresh and tasty. No complaints. First time ordering on the website. Shipping was a little slow likely due to COVID but packaging was great and the beans are worth the wait.

  47. meimei

    I hesitate to write the reviews worrying they might running out, like the natto beans. But they are so good, I definitely will buy again.

  48. Yi Zhang

    I bought a soy milk maker and have been making soy milk using organic soy beans from a different brand. The result is mediocre soy milk. Then I switched to Laura SoyBeans and wow what a difference this made! Very happy with my purchase and will buy again.

  49. Anonymous

    It’s sprouting very well. Thank you!

  50. Francis Sheen

    I really like Laura’s soy bean in terms of healthy taste compared at grocery market brand. After growing bean sprout or making soy milk , all my family said the taste of cooked foods gave us very delicious and healthy. I will not buy anymore at local market and will love Laura’s soy bean.

  51. Anonymous

    It’s been several years since using Laura beans. Always clean, light colored beans that make good tasting soy milk.

  52. Charles

    These soy beans made great milk. I think I’ll purchase more from Laura’s Soybeans in the near future. I like the resealable bag they came in and delivery was prompt. Thank you for a good product and good service. Charles

  53. Meg

    Great soybeans that make delicious milk. The resealable bag is convenient, too. (For the 5lbs.) Quick shipment and delivery.

  54. Joelle J

    I bought the soybeans so I could make milk. They are are fresh and made the best soy milk. Delivery was pretty quick.

  55. Mary Klein

    I have bought Laura Soybeans to make soybean milk for years.
    It is good quality and taste. I enjoy it.

  56. Lacey

    A friend recommended me Laura’s three years ago, and this soybean is always the best for soymilk, with great aroma and 0 bad beans in a 5 lbs bag! For a 2 adult family drink soymilk every 1 or 2 weeks, the 5 lb bag is ideal size between crops.

  57. Anonymous

    The soybeans sprout well. I will recommend this to my friends.

  58. Robin

    The soybeans arrived on time. I have made soymilk and tofu from them with excellent results. I plan to buy more soybeans from Laura’s.

  59. Deb Perry

    Absolutely wonderful soybeans….great tasting in both extra firm tofu and soy milk . Using the soy milk lees n vegan burgers and patties ! Yum !

  60. Anonymous

    I like the soybean which I use for making Natto, it has been very good results, thank you

  61. Rita Tam

    My daughter recommended me to this soy bean. I’m happy to ended my search for the soy bean. I’ve try many soy beans for soy milk for a while, but none of them satisfy me until I found Laura soy bean. I enjoy the taste and smell of the soy milk every morning now. I’m glad my search ended. I’ll stay with this product and recommend it to my friends.

  62. Linda Foley

    I have not opened these yet. I am still working on the ones I got last year. But I know these will be just as good. 🙂

  63. Grace Chen

    Good price, quality product and taste is great . The best choice to buy from this vendor.

  64. Annette

    Soy milk made with these beans tastes so much fresher and healthier than store-bought soy milk. I also like the functionality of the new packaging.

  65. K

    I found Laura Soybeans on Amazon, and then found this site where I can buy directly. The shipping was quick, the beans are premium quality, and I am enjoying soymilk, okara, and steamed beans so far. I highly recommend!

  66. Kathy Harwood

    Received my first order of soybeans and I’m very pleased with the quality of the product and the timely delivery. Thank you, Chambers Family!

  67. Anonymous

    Ordered a few times already and still loving these beans. Great for soymilk and tofu!

  68. Sarah

    The beans are very fresh, rehydrated quickly, cooked fast. Highly recommend.

  69. Judy

    This is the first time I ordered whole soybeans from anyone. I heard about Dr. Barnard’s research on how eating soybeans can reduce hot flashes (assuming you eat a vegan diet) and eat around 1/2 cup of soybeans daily. First soak 1 cup of soybeans overnight in 2 cups of water in the fridge. They plump up. Rinse, then cook them in 4 cups of fresh water in the instant pot for 10 minutes. Use natural release and enjoy!! They are delicious!!! I am so happy I found this new food. I’m not sure yet if it has helped my hot flashes, but it they are so tasty!

  70. Theresa

    I love having soybeans on hand so I can replenish my milk supply whenever I need to. Homemade soy milk is so much better than what you buy in the store, no fillers, no sugars, no off taste. The people at Laura’s have accommodated some of my special requests and I really appreciate it.

  71. ying zhang

    extremely pleased with the purchase. well packed and fast delivered. The soybean made from it taste soooo good, in comparison with another soybean I purchased from Amazon a while ago. THANK YOU!

  72. Amy Taylor Phipps

    Too bad the bag was ripped all the way open and box filled with soybeans!

  73. Lillian

    Will buy again!

  74. Audris Chao

    It’s fresh and tastes great!

  75. theresa

    Wonderful taste for soy milk. LOVE this product.

  76. Robin

    Product arrived in timely manner and was exactly as ordered. The beans are first rate quality

  77. Elizabeth Diane Hamilton

    This is my first order of Laura Soybeans. I am impressed with the shape and color of the beans. Perfect !!!!! I’m looking forward to many years of ordering ♥️

  78. Ruth

    Made soy milk, very fresh and tasty!

  79. Dano

    This is my second batch of soybeans. They are high quality and bigger than the ones I ordered from CA.

  80. Kristol

    These soy beans make the best tofu. This is my second time ordering and I’m never disappointed. Love this product.

  81. John

    Excellent, very good flavor.

  82. Wanda Reed

    I’ve been buying soy beans from Laura for quite a few years now and always will. These are the must have beans. My family loves it, highly recommended

  83. Jill Roberts

    These beans really do make excellent soymilk – I only use them now.

  84. Grace

    It delivered in timely manner, soy beans are so pretty and fresh. I made best soy milk, tofu.
    Love Laura Beans.

  85. Lucy

    Very clean and almost no bad beans in there.

  86. Theresa Andes

    My previous issue has been totally resolved. I received excellent customer service. I look forward to cooking with my beans.

  87. Gigi

    Excellent quality. I first found these soy beans on Amazon. After trying them and liking them (much better than the ones we were buying from local supermarkets), I came directly to the website to buy it direct from the source! Highly recommended!

  88. Kathy

    The beans are super clean and uniform. I feel they are very fresh. I store them in a low cabinet away from heat and light. I’ve made excellent soy milk and I look forward to replenishing my supply.

  89. lovemyjoy

    I used to buy soymilk from grocery stores until one day I read the back of the package and found out even the expensive organic soymilk had so many additives. A friend recommended this website and I bought a soymilk maker on Amazon (yes there are a lot, you have to do research and read the reviews to pick a good one). Now I have freshly made soy milk everyday, with only soybeans and water in it!

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