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30 Lbs. NONGMO Laura® Soybeans 2023 Crop best for Soymilk Tofu Tempeh Boiling


(32 customer reviews)

Crop Year:


30 pounds of New Crop 2023 Laura® Soybeans, shipped in two 15 pound bags.

1 lbs of soybeans produces about 1.5 gallons of milk using a soy milk maker.

The Chambers Family Farm produces the highest quality food soybeans available for your home and family. All of our food soybeans are NON-GMO and grown, tended, harvested and packaged right here on our 5th generation family farm. Quality You Can Trust from our family to yours!

32 reviews for 30 Lbs. NONGMO Laura® Soybeans 2023 Crop best for Soymilk Tofu Tempeh Boiling

  1. Taulla Reirson

    I always buy in bulk. They are easy to store.

  2. Thyra Ann Clough

    I love this product, bought to make my own food items with, easy to store for long term. Made tofu and it came out perfect. Thank you

  3. Anonymous

    Great customer service and the best soybeans I have found. Will be ordering again soon.

  4. Sandra Phillips

    Last year, I almost ruptured my delicate Achilles tendon..had to wear a cast for 5 weeks, a total of 7 weeks or more confined to minimum activity, and gained from a trim figure to 135 big ol pounds…fat and ugly. I prayed to the Lord God, with whom all things are possible, to please help me to lose the weight…I discovered what making a SoyBean (LAURAS’ Non GMO of course) Smoothie every day would do for me. I did this, and also purchased a SoyMilk Machine, so I would have plenty to use in my coffee, and to drink in between meals a glass if I got really empty..combined with drinking about 8 glasses of water, and eating an apple daily ( hint: if it isn’t a good apple, bake it 5 minutes with a touch of water, spray with Butter Spray, and add a bit of Splenda to it, and it is awesome!) and make wise choices the remainder of the day. of course we have times like I did last week and had banana pudding, just get back on the health wagon. I want to say, I went to my doctor yesterday afternoon, and weighed 100 pounds!! That is 35 pounds of fat lost, for my fat to muscle ratio was also off the charts good! She took my blood pressure and said “You’ll live to be 100”! it was amazingly perfect! I know for a fact that Lauras’ Soybeans are responsible for my 35 pound weight loss…and I cant bless them enough for this amazing product that makes the fat fall off you !! Also, I make Tofu with the beans, and tonight will make my first exciting dish, “Tempeh”…hope to make Natto one day also!!

  5. Jeffrey Yoder

    I was pleases with both the quality of the beans and the quick delivery time.

  6. huilin lee

    Very fresh soy beans ! Our family loves to drink fresh home made soy milk every morning! Absolutely healthy food ! Next time will buy 50lb for our family !

  7. Lisa

    I used to buy soy bean from Asian market to make soy milk. When I bought a soy milk machine, a cup of soy bean from Laurasoybean was in the package. I tried it. OMG! The soymilk is so much better. I wish I know about Laura soy bean sooner.

  8. Anonymous

    I gave some of my soy milk to my neighbor. She loves it so much that she asks me to order 30 pounds of soy bean for her. I am drinking soy milk hoping to loose a few pounds while my neighbor is trying to gain weight.

  9. Anonymous

    I have been ordered soy beans from Larurasoybean for many years, which made the most fresh soy milk! I’m please the quick delivery also.

  10. Anonymous

    the people who packaged did excellent job with my instructions. they even handwritten a note. You guys are the best. The new crop soybean is excellent. My family loves it. We have been ordering from you for few years now. And will definitely order it again and refer to my friends. Thank you so much!!!

  11. Hendrawan

    Arrived perfectly in 2 flat rate boxes.

    I’m not sure if PE bag is good for along time storage but I move it directly to PP rice bag for long term storage. But the bean is very good.
    Will buy again in the future for making tofu fa.

  12. Jeffrey Yoder

    These are high quality beans. I’ve made multiple orders and keep coming back. The only way to make them better would be to sell the same beans split and hulled. Thanks!

  13. chang

    I ordered my first batch ( 30lbs) for making soymilk. they are top notch and every single piece of the bean is beautiful and pure. they make the best soymilk. my family loves it. we will be definitely come back!

  14. Bonny

    I like to make soymilk with Laura soybeans. The beans are fresh and so as the soybean milk.

  15. Eileen Eileen

    These beans are beautiful and creamy and I am making the most delicious milk into tofu. Thank you for the fast and well packaged delivery!

  16. Anonymous

    I bought from other vendor last year and the quality was poor for sprouting, possibly because it was not the new crop and they did not say so. Then I heard about Laura Soybean and bought 2019 new crop this time. I was very pleased with the quality of the beans and the speed they were shipped out. The beans are great for bean sprouting.

  17. Thao Le

    Very fresh beans. I’ll buy again!

  18. Anonymous

    Very fresh beans. I’ve bought from Laurasoybeans for 10 years. Their customer service is wonderful.

  19. Anonymous

    I bought it every 3-4 months, the quality is always good.

  20. Vicki Tolka

    We eat a whole food/plant based diet….soybeans, soymilk and tofu are staples for us….these are the very best and the price is great!!!

  21. Jin

    This is my second ordering. I use it for soybean milk and soybean sprouts. Both of them taste better than the regular product which you could find in stores.

  22. Jin

    This is my second ordering. I use it for soybean milk and soybean sprouts. Both of them taste better than the regular product which you could find in stores.

  23. Anonymous

    Best soy beans I have ever tried so far!

  24. Anonymous


  25. Margarita

    Good but the price is a little bit expensive than before

  26. Kay Hansen

    I make my own soymilk and soymilk yogurt. After trying other beans, I have always come back to Laura Soybeans. They are clean and uniform in size. Using a soymilk maker, the end result is always consistent and reliable.

  27. Keena

    We are very happy with the product. It arrived in a very timely manner and it makes very delicious, rich soy milk!

  28. Gary Hoover

    Laura soy beans make the best soy milk and tofu. I’ve tried other brands and nothing compares to Laura for good tasting soy milk and homemade tofu. I started with a small order qty to check the quality and realized how good they were so ordered a 30# bag so it would last me awhile and before the 2021 crop could possibly be sold out. Keep up the quality work and supplying a great product produced right here in the USA.

  29. Gary Hoover

    You can’t go wrong with Laura Soy Beans. I make soy milk, yogurt, tofu and tempeh with these beans. They are clean, have a great taste and plump up really nice when soaked. I haven’t had one batch with a beany taste. I do use a soy milk maker for the milk and yogurt and a pot to boil the beans in for batches of tofu and tempeh. I make batches weekly and never had an issue. I buy the 30# bags, they are just the right size and easy to store in containers. Good luck in whatever you make with Laura soy beans.

  30. Alex Chen

    Great quality. Much larger than I though would be. Easily sprouted and very clean. Used almost daily for making soymilk.

  31. Gary Hoover

    love their soybeans. I make soymilk, tofu and soy yogurt. The beans are clean, taste great and have never had a bad batch. I’ve tried others, but highly recommend Laura’s NonGmo product. I routinely order 30# at a time as we go through a lot with weekly batches of soymilk, tofu and yogurt.

  32. Gary Hoover

    I’ve been buying Laura’s ever since I found these on-line, non GMO and grown in the US. They make great soy milk, tofu and soy yogurt. Really clean beans, fast shipping and make wonderful soy products. You can’t go wrong with Laura’s.

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