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12 Lbs. NONGMO Laura® Soybeans 2023 Crop best for Soymilk Tofu Tempeh Boiling


(255 customer reviews)

Crop Year:


12 pounds of 2023 Laura® Soybeans for the best Soymilk and Tofu in a resealable poly bag.

1 lbs of soybeans produces about 1.5 gallons of milk using a soy milk maker.

The Chambers Family Farm produces the highest quality food soybeans available for your home and family. All of our food soybeans are NON-GMO and grown, tended, harvested and packaged right here on our 5th generation family farm. Quality You Can Trust from our family to yours!

255 reviews for 12 Lbs. NONGMO Laura® Soybeans 2023 Crop best for Soymilk Tofu Tempeh Boiling

  1. Ruth Ann Noble

    My daughter is lactose intolerant and has been since she was a baby. We used the lactose free baby formula and moved her to soy milk as she got older. This is a product i tried to see if it was more pure and natural. I was surprised to see that it even tasted better than the store bought stuff and it’s really kind of fun to make.

  2. Ping

    These soybeans make the best soymilk. I am thankful you supply such a great product and ship so fast. Thanks!

  3. Giulia

    Way better than any soybeans can find in the market. Make the best soy milk. Thank you!

  4. Dennis

    Love your Soybeans, fast delivery, best quality we ever bought, will buy in future!

  5. jon Hill

    we havepurchassed beans from local :health food stores an have really been disappointed with the taste- there is no way except to say its like the difference between skim and whole milk

  6. Laurie

    I’ve make a few batches of soymilk with the soybeans and it has a nice flavor.

  7. Nancy

    We have purchased these beans over the years and absolutely love them for the mild, delicious soy milk and tofu that they make. Unfortunately, have also tried a few other brands and the family turned up thier noses at the milk and would not, could not drink it… too beany! Am having to use those beans as compost fodder. Thankful for our new stash of Laura beans arrived this week.

    1 star for your packaging. I was serious about your needing to tape the box several times around… it was split open as usual. I’m not sure if you’ve watched how ups sorts boxes, or where the trail of beans begins it it ends at our door. Along with more taping on the box, please invest in a bag heatsealer or sometthing more substantial than the one twist tie. Loose beans are like ball bearings. Fix that and all stars are 5!

  8. CWilson

    The soybeans from my previous order two yrs ago are still making excellent milk. Hot fresh soy milk is my fall and winter drink of choice, I was amazed how delish it is! I’m very happy to reorder these quality soy beans.

  9. ronald b wiener

    Nothing but the best

  10. Linda

    I usually made soybeans milk at home by using soybeans I bought from asian stores. This time I used the soybeans I ordered from Laura, made soybeans milk, it taste very purity rich! Thank you!

  11. Anonymous

    I have been using Laura’s soybeans for three years now. The new crop always taste fresh and rich. This yearis the first time I ordered on my own. When the package arrived, I though the color was off and thought they may not be new. I emailed customer service. The sales explained that the color may be different depending on the weather each year, and he sent me another package immediately just in case there was a mix up. Now I end up with two boxes of soybeans. I have been giving them out to my friends as gifts, and they all said these are the best tasting soybeans they have ever had.

  12. Anonymous

    I have made 2 batches of soy milk so far and have been very pleased with the taste and consistency. I love the fact that I can make my own soy milk at home without sugar.

  13. Greg

    I’ve been making my own tofu for years and these beans have the best flavor in my tofu and soy milk than any other bean I’ve used.

  14. June

    I have never had such a rich taste so far. Love it !!

  15. Anonymous

    The quality is really good. The home made soybean milk from the bean is tasted great. I will keep buying this production.

  16. john

    I make tofu, soy yogurt, tempeh, miso, and shoyu. The quality of these soybeans is first rate. Ordering more in the next few days.
    Packaging could use some attention, the box and bag were both split.

  17. Li zhang

    The taste is good for home made soy milk.

  18. Nichola

    I ordered my soybeans about a week ago. They came promptly. I made a batch of soy milk and it came out very nice. The flavor was mild, with very little beaniness. I Flavored it with vanilla and almond extracts and a bit of stevia. It was like dessert in a cup. My next batch, as of today will be for tofu. I cant wait to try it.

  19. Ywangzhai

    The package came in within 3 days after I placed the order. Tried the soy milk first, it came out so fresh and tasty. Much better than the beans that I bought from grocery stores. Will definitely buy again.

  20. Fei

    since I found Laurasoybean, I’ll never purchase any other brand, with high quanlity, golden color and almost round bean, our family enjoy every soybean meal. and the delivery is amazing.

  21. Anonymous

    Well-satisfied customer

  22. Anonymous

    I enjoy with my soy milk. Thank youi

  23. Nancy

    These are by far the best soybeans to make soymilk. I’ll never use anything else.

  24. Joy

    I made soy milk with these soybeans and they tasted great! My whole family enjoy it.

  25. Tokuji Ishizaki

    Cooked as soon as I received shipment. Taste great & safe to eat.

  26. Mao Mao

    I like the product. We made very good soybean milk. Dilivered very quickly.

  27. Tyler Mowreader

    Got exactly what I wanted. 13lbs of Soy Beans aND shipped quickly to boot!

  28. Anonymous


  29. Anonymous

    These beans might rate 5 stars if I had sampled others but It might seem presumptuous having sampled only Laura’s. Still, excellent service and fresh, uniformly healthy-appearing beans earns hign marks.

  30. Anonymous

    This is the best soybean I’ve ever tried in US.

  31. Anonymous

    So far I have used only a few ounces to make soy milk. Milk has turned out great. Ordering and delivery went smoothly.

  32. Anonymous

    they were quite good still inn evaluation process, have been sharing them

  33. Anonymous

    The 2017 soybean taste very good. I enjoy using them for everyday’s soy milk. The package came on time and sealed very well. Recommend!

  34. Gregory Bolstad

    Making Tofu and soy milk.
    Food Coop soybeans —don’t work
    Laura’s soybeans — Work

  35. Anonymous

    I order this for sprouting and it germinates the second day.


    The best soybean I could find. It’s very fresh. I make soybean milk with it.

  37. Catherine

    I just ordered the new ’17 soybean crop from the folks at Lauras’. Yet again, the milk tastes fresh and delicious. Job well done.

  38. Anonymous

    I like soymilk. It is a convenient way to buy it here. Good price, good service.

  39. Anonymous

    Product is good. Soy milk is so tasty, I drink it every day.

  40. Jean Myers

    I have been making my own soymilk for 15 years, but I’m sure I wouldn’t have continued to do this without Laura soybeans. They make my soymilk taste so good compared to any other soybeans, which leave a beany taste. Thank you for growing them and making it so convenient to buy them online.

  41. Anonymous

    best soybean, will order again.

  42. Ngan Bach

    I am sad that I ordered 2 bags of 13 lbs soybeans. After 10 day, I only received 1 bag of 13 lb. I do not see the second bag yet… Not sure if the product was lost due to transportation….

  43. Anonymous

    Very good quality. Soybeans look bright & white compared to store bought which are dark & dull looking.

  44. Anonymous

    Ordered 13lb soybeans,they arrived as the best quality I’ve ever had( I used to go to Whole Foods buy the soybeans). Made the soy milk the next day,delicious! Will buy again!

  45. James

    These make better tasting soy milk than the beans I bought from WinCo. The soy milk has a thicker consistency and a stronger aroma to it. Costs more but is worth it.

  46. Anonymous

    The product was delivered very quick. I use it making soybean milk. The milk is pure white and tastes good, not like the one I got from grocery store ( adding a lot of other components). More important, the price and shipping rate is reasonable.

  47. Betsy

    Makes wonderful soy milk. I don’t add anything except water.

  48. Colleen MacInis

    I was very impressed clean fresh beans. No problems. impressed with the ease of ordering, tracking and receiving my order.

  49. Amy

    Laura soybeans always make such good soymilk!

  50. Miyuki

    We have a soy milk making machine, and we consume soy milk often. Nothing goes to waste. Even the remaining bean pulp is added to pancakes and dishes for added fiber and nutrients. I tried them in my automatic sprouter and they all sprouted, too. Excellent quality. I plan to reorder.

  51. Bill

    As other reviews reference, clearly great soybeans…but I’d like to add that the service is superior with a quick turnaround.


    Shipping was quick and the Soybeans were incredible! Just made my first batch of Tempe and my mother said it was the best! Now on to making Tofu and more Miso.

  53. cjjehn

    This was my first order and it was as expected. Will order again

  54. Hazel Philbrook

    I admit I was skeptical when people told me these beans made better soy milk than the organic ones I had been buying at Whole Foods. I am so glad I gave Laura Beans a try because they are better. The milk is creamier and has a lovely taste. The yogurt I make with the milk is amazing. On top of that the shipping time was impressive. I ordered the product late Sunday evening and it was shipped the next day.

  55. John Erbentraut

    I purchased these beans a week ago. They arrived on time and are a great value. The beans are high quality and are good for many purposes, from soy milk to recipes.
    Thanks for offering a great product at a great price.

  56. Anonymous

    I’ve tried few different brands of soy beans from the supermarket but Laura soy beans have the best taste so far! It’s my first order and I will purchase again.

  57. Stephanie

    Best soy beans. Highly recommend to everyone.

  58. Natto

    I am pleased with Laura soybeans (grown in the US) and the priority USPS shipment. The soybeans were well packaged in a solid plastic bag. I was glad to find Laura soybeans online since the soybeans sold in Asian supermarkets are imported. Great product and service.

  59. Yanyan Chen

    I like those soy beans because I use them to make soybean milk everyday. They were fresh very much! My friends also like them!


    These soybeans make the best soy milk, tofu and tempeh. My order was delayed by the post office. Paula was very helpful with trying to resolve the issue. Fortunately the post office found the package and delivered it a few days later.

  61. Anonymous

    Makes best tasting soy milk. Been using these soy beans for years and never disappointed. Good quality beans.

  62. Anonymous

    It’s the second time I’ve ordered from this company. Knowing its Non-GMO is important to me. I like the timeliness of delivery and the price. My family enjoys the soy milk ,and I’m happy I know what goes into it. Glad my friend introduced me to Laura soybeans.

  63. Eric Seligson

    Clean, good tasting soybeans, well packaged, Swift delivery, thank you!

  64. Anonymous

    Eric said the best. And I agree with him too.

  65. Anonymous

    Love to buy more


    When I purchase food the high quality is my number one concern. Laura soy beans definitely is top product!

  67. Anonymous

    Great product

  68. Denise Hill

    I’ve used Laura’s Soybeans for years! I’ve tried other brands and none are as fresh. I make 1-2 batches of soymilk a week with slightly sprouted beans. These plump up within hours and start sprouting overnight. They are happy soybeans!

  69. Anonymous

    Always quality flavor!

  70. Bonnie

    I have been purchasing these soy beans for about ten years since I realized that buying soy milk was expensive and created a lot of trash in packaging. I love these soybeans that come from this farm. They are uniform, white and clean. They are non-GMO. The soy milk has a wonderful aroma and is perfect every time. I feel that these soybeans and the milk that I make with them helps in a small but real way to support family farms and to sustain the earth we all depend on.

  71. Benjamin Lee

    Flavourful and clean, great quality! Fast shipping too!

  72. KL

    Timely shipping and nice packaging.

  73. Anonymous

    The quality of Laura Soybeans is just impressive: its taste, freshness, and Non-GMO! Tried many brands of soybeans and Laura Soybeans is definitely second to none!

  74. Anonymous

    Very Flavorful! Great consistent quality product.

  75. Z

    I only buy Laura’s soybeans…for my miso and my tofu…hers are superior beans…and healthiest…TYTYTY

  76. Anonymous

    Good product quality!


    Thanks for fast ship and soybean was very good.


    Great quality soy bean. I use it for soy milk. It has very creamy taste. I love it!

  79. jung im-Sun

    love it. sprouting very nicely. I’m also making soy milk. THE BEST!

  80. Catherine

    These are the finest version of soybeans. Top notch family run business offering soymilk that tastes yummy. Only soybean I will use in my SoyaJoy maker. Product is well packaged and arrives in a timely manner.

  81. Amy S

    These soybeans make great soymilk. I bought a 13LB bag to make fresh soy milk and the (beany) flavor reminds me of authentic soymilk sold in Asia!!! Its been so long since I had good soymilk like this. Very fresh and clean product.

  82. Heidi Stout

    Excellent quality, especially compared to beans bought at the store. Appreciated owner/farmer help with technical ordering problem. Thank you for your help and for providing such a high quality food product.

  83. Joyce

    These Laura Soybeans are the best soybeans ever! I use them to make a variety of soy products like soft and hard tofu, Natto and tempeh. I use them to make chili and soups and they are always wonderfull! I use the okara to make a wonderful low carb flour for baked goods. If for some reason any soybean pulp gets dirty, it becomes fertilizer. Then there is just plain soy flour for baking. The flavor of these beans is great.

  84. Anonymous

    We’ve been buying Laura soybeans for years. So good

  85. Anonymous

    I have been purchasing from Laura soybean for years. Great quality and fast shipping. I recommend to a lot of friends and will keep buying from here.

  86. Jean Myers

    Laura soybeans make the best-tasting soymilk! I had been using other beans and trying to soak off the skins to avoid the beany taste. No need for all that work with the Laura beans – there is no beany taste at all!

    Making your own soymilk saves tons of money, and you control what flavoring you want to add. I don’t add a thing and it makes wonderful creamer for my chai tea and morning oatmeal plus any recipes calling for soymilk.

    Ordering from Laura Soybeans is a breeze and the shipping charge is so reasonable. I definitely recommend this farm and their products!

  87. Lora Hebert

    I ordered 13 lbs of Laura Soybeans when I couldn’t find soybeans at the local market; this was at the beginning of the corona virus outbreak in March 2020. I use the beans for making soy milk that I make on a daily basis. I was thrilled to order from and support a family farm and very happy the beans could be reliably ordered in bulk. The beans have a delicious flavor which I much prefer to the beans I was purchasing at our local market. I will continue to order from the Chambers’ farm! Thank you for the hard work you do as a farming family! I greatly appreciate you!


    The best beans for soy milk

  89. Jane W.

    I’ve been buying Laura Soybeans for years and years. They are the ONLY ones to use for making soymilk. Best flavor ever, without equal anywhere!

  90. ling

    I heard about Laura soybean for years, and I finally ordered it a few weeks ago. I ordered 13 lbs of Laura Soybeans to make soy milk. It has a special soy flavor and is very creamy. Thanks for providing such a great product – with very fast shipping too.

  91. Marek

    I make soy milk, yogurt and tofu at home and these beans are probably the best I’ve had so far. These seem to be dehulled which makes a cleaner tasting soymilk. The 13 lbs is maybe too small if you make a lot. It’d be nice if there was a bulk option or a subscription. I’ll buy again in a month or so!

  92. Anonymous

    Beautiful product. I really like it. I also like to receive information of other products from your farm.

  93. Elisabeth

    I received my order of soybeans last week and made soymilk and then tofu on the weekend. It turned out great and I was pleasantly surprised by the flavor – not very beany and better than store bought tofu.

  94. David Lee

    There is nothing better than buying your soybeans directly from a family farm in Iowa. I emailed them a question and John (of said family) called me back and we had a nice chat. I use the soybeans for making soy milk…which is the best. High quality and super tasty. I wish them all the luck. Family farms need to go direct to the consumer so they can make a better margin and get fairly paid for their hard work and talent.

  95. Valerie

    I bought the largest bag for soy milk making. I’m eternally hungry so I drink a lot of milk. This is only the second bag I’ve ever bought and I can definitely see a difference; the first bag was from a different company. This bag is full of pretty perfect looking beans. I remember having to remove many bad beans from the other company’s product. I’ve had no problems with Laura’s soybeans. And honestly, I’m so happy this company was able to fill my order with absolutely no problem. It’s been a little difficult finding things at my grocery store because of the pandemic/hoarding (they don’t carry soybeans anyway). The same goes for almost all online stores I’ve tried to order food from. So it was such a good feeling to have my order go through and receive it promptly. Thank you. You don’t know what a difference it’s made.

  96. Anonymous

    Great products. The soybeans received look better than the ones I bought from the local Asian market. I immideately made soymilk from the received soybeans and it taste great and fresh.

  97. Anonymous

    Beans were very clean & uniform in size. Made great tofu.

  98. Bang D Le

    The first time I bought from Laura after a Vietnamese cooking web recommend, and I am very please with quality of soybean.

  99. JxZ

    very good for both bean sprouts and soy milk

  100. Paula Woodward

    I ordered 26 pounds of Laura soy beans and my order arrived within a week during the craziness of the pandemic! The quality of the beans is wonderful. I wanted to start making my own soy milk again, and these beans produce a soy milk that is very creamy and not as beany tasting as the soy milk made from soy beans purchased from my local health food store. I haven’t had any beans that didn’t hydrate and have not seen a bad bean yet. Can’t wait to make tofu with them.

  101. Anonymous

    My order arrived very fast. I order 13 lb of soy beans for soy milk making and they were just what I need. This is the second time I ordered from the site and could not be more satisfied with my purchase.

  102. Anonymous

    all good

  103. Juli

    I use the beans for making soymilk at home. They are so fresh and the soymilk is so rich and delicious. I am very happy with my purchase, thank you!

  104. Anonymous

    I ordered these soy beans for sprout and soy milk. I am satisfied with these beans. Taste good!

  105. Anonymous

    I have used Laura Soybeans for many years. They are the best tasting soybeans of any other. They make great soy milk and tofu. They are high quality soybean.

  106. Sarah

    I’m very pleased with my purchase. The soybeans are perfect for making tofu plus they arrived within a couple of days. Great customer service and notices to keep me informed. Thank you.

  107. Anonymous

    Thankyou for not price gouching during this time!!!!! Tell lots of my friends about this website!!!!!

  108. Manlan

    I bought it because it can produce soy bean sprout really fast and the rate of sprouting is very high. I am also buying it to send to relatives as gifts.

  109. Priya

    I was really impressed with the speed at which this arrived. I have been enjoying the fresh soymilk and tofu made from these. Thanks!

  110. Anonymous

    I tried several different kinds of soybean from Asian market. This is the best one I’ve found

  111. Lily

    I purchased 13 IBS non-GMO 2019 soybeans. I used them for bean spouts. I Excellen choice and will purchase again.

  112. Lily

    I purchased 13 IBS non-GMO 2019 soybeans. I used them for bean spouts. I Excellent choice and will purchase again.

  113. Joono

    Germination is very good.
    I am very satisfied with these beans..

  114. Diane C

    Due to pandemic I was not able to purchase soybean at wholefoods, and Referred by friend I found Laura’s, great quality! I use them to make soymilk. Now that I will not be worried for running out of soybean. I know where to get it.

  115. A

    Best soy beans that I’ve had! They are creamy, nutty, and have their own great flavor. I recently got a Soyabella soy milk maker and that has made it so easy- just soak in boiling water for 1 hour, put in the Soyabella, and 20 minutes later, there’s soy milk!

  116. Mary Ann Nute

    Great soybeans…making tofu!

  117. May

    Great for bean sprout and soy milk.
    I am very satisfied with these beans.
    will order soon.
    Recommended to a friend already.

  118. Tami

    I’m making soy milk with these large beans using my Instant Pot Ace Plus blender. The IP Blender cooks and blends so completely that I don’t need to strain it. I’m getting all the fiber and all the nutrients without the added salt, sugar, fillers, or other unwanted additions found in most commercial soy milk. I can choose to fortify it with calcium, B-12, or not. I am amazed how delicious this soy milk is with nothing but soybeans and water. It’s not just for pouring over my cereal, it makes delicious thick yogurt and fabulously creamy frozen smoothies. These soy beans make superior tasting (totally fresh) soy milk for a fraction of the cost of commercial soy milk, and homemade soy milk reduces waste from all those little cartons going into a landfill. Shipping was fast with flat rate economy. I couldn’t find local soybeans during the pandemic, but I’m very happy Laura Soybeans are available by mail.

  119. Kai Botak

    Laura’s Soybeans are the most perfect soybeans I have ever received! I make Soymilk and tofu with them. I ordered them during Covid times and they shipped out at lightening speed. I’m so happy I found this company. May you always thrive, and thank you for the product you provide!

  120. Ann kim

    Yoyour bean is nice and clean as usual.
    Made soy milk and very tasty.

  121. Sharon zuzgo

    Just cooked up a bunch of these soybeans and they were amazing. so very fresh, tasty and absolutely the best soybeans I’ve ever had. So pleased to find an honest company that is not overpricing during the covid19 pandemic. Shipping was fast too. We will be buying again!

  122. Kim

    Your soybean is the highest quality soybean that I ever purchased. It looks like each soybean is picked by hand. They are so fresh and clean. Keep up the good service. Thank you so much!

  123. Anonymous

    Thanks to Andrea Nguyen we discovered your beans. We’ve do far made soy milk and tofu pudding. The milk tasted rich and fresh. The pudding was delicious. Before I purchased Laura soybeans, I have tried the organic soybeans from the supermarket. The soy milk made from these beans did not taste rich. I can’t wait to make tofu from the Laura soybeans. Please continue to produce such wonderful soybeans in the years to come.

  124. Anonymous

    very good quality

  125. Donna

    I ordered soybeans for bean sprouts. It was successful, it took only two days to start sprouting.
    In 4 days I was able to eat bean sprouts. Great products!!! Delivery was super fast.
    Only question is I can store these to stay fresh… I received them in clear plastic bags. Should I transfer them to different container? Thanks

  126. Anonymous

    Using them for tempeh. Very satisfied with product and price.

  127. Anonymous

    Easy ordering process and fast shipping. The beans were fresh
    (that is, dried but not sitting around for years) with a mild, non-beany flavor great for soymilk .

  128. Anonymous

    I was very happy with the fresh and clean quality of the soybeans. I would definitely order again.

  129. Anonymous

    I love your soybeans! When I soaked them overnight, they smelled so fresh and clean. Thank you!

  130. Anonymous

    The beans were shipped very quickly. The soy milk we made with the beans is delicious.

  131. Anonymous

    Your soybean is the highest quality soybean that I ever purchased. Very satisfied!

  132. Ji

    I knew Laurasoybeans around 10 years ago and started buying soybeans. I buy 13lbs every year and use for soy milk, cooking….Product is good and fresh. Color is bright. Will keep buying it.

  133. Anonymous

    The soybean has great quality, I made awesome soybean milk with it! So happy~

  134. Debs

    I am making soymilk using these beans and following Miyoko Schinner’s recipe. The milk tastes sweet and smooth. I also convert some of the soymilk into delicious coffee creamer by adding in some refined coconut oil, using Chef Skye’s recipe.

    I have also made tofu and it tasted so good. I have never had store-bought tofu which came close tastewise.

    I have now become a regular customer of Laura soybeans 🙂

  135. Anonymous

    Efficient shipping! The soybeans are great and make very smooth and tasty soymilk.

  136. Anonymous

    Every batch of homemade tofu has come out perfect! Great texture and taste!

  137. Anonymous

    real taste, good quality. Fast shipping

  138. Anonymous

    Perfect. Came in a large box and packed very well. I use this to make soy milk every morning.

  139. Sy Balsen

    I just love the homemade tofu I make with these beans. Everyone I serve it to says the same thing! I left over okara or soy pulp up makes the patties

  140. Christy

    I have made soymilk and tofu for my first time ever and it was delicious!

  141. Hasia

    The most important thing is Laura® Soybeans is very fresh, after my first drinking the soymilk that make from Laura® Soybeans, I threw away the organic soybeans that I bought from whole Foods. I think Laura® Soybeans is the best Soybeans I have got, it doesn’t need to be organic, all I concern is Non-GMO . I will definitely come back to purchase Laura® Soybeans again.

  142. M. C.

    It’s my first time to buy some soy beans online. My friend in TX actually recommend Laura to me.
    Good communications, fast shipping, and good quality! I have tried soymilk. I added peanuts and walnuts, so it is richer and more delicious.
    Definitely will come back in the future.

  143. Alexis R Altier

    My soymilk is a gorgeous white color, the tofu it produces is sweet and flavorful … we use the okara/pulp in pancakes/doughnuts/sautéed with veggies. If you’re interested in controlling ingredients and reducing household waste by making soymilk and/or tofu from scratch, BUY THIS.

  144. chang

    as an asian and diverse soy products (soymilk, tofu, miso, okara, etc) consumer on a regular basis (2-3 times/week) for a long time (> 30 yrs) – the soybean at here is one of the best.

  145. Anonymous

    Great soybean for sprouting

  146. Anonymous

    This came highly recommend by a friend, we couldn’t be happier with the quality of the beans !!

  147. Anonymous

    This is the best soybean I have ever bought. I use it to sprout and it sprouts very easily. Very fresh and every bean is beautiful.

  148. Lynn Wang

    I can tell an improvement in taste of Soybean milk, Tofu and dry Tofu made from this soybean.

  149. Paul

    These were clean and of excellent quality. These will make great soy sauce!

  150. Anonymous

    I’m super happy with these beans and the quality of tofu and soymilk I was able to make with them! The price is great, shipping was fast, and the quality is wonderful!

  151. Michael

    The soybeans were very clean and consistent in terms of quality. They are great for not only making soy milk and tofu, but also for cooking and adding to sauces. Very happy!

  152. Anonymous

    These soybeans are really good. Much better than the soybeans that I bought from other country. I am going to order more from Laura.

  153. Nancy Presley

    These beans are just what I want for my home tempeh-making. I’m hoping to teach others to make tempeh at home. I use a little electric mill with two millstones set apart just enough to pop the beans in half, which makes it easy to skim the hulls off the top of the water when I boil them. Because that little mill is ancient and frail, and no longer available, I bought a Corona Mill to demonstrate to my students who can purchase one of their own if they want to. I belong to a Facebook group called Tempeh Makers which has about 1500 members, and no one knows of a miller or bean farm that mills beans to these standards. So I’d like to suggest to you that you might consider investing in a commercially sturdy mill, or find a miller who can do it for you to appeal to that particular market.

  154. Laura Soybean Fan

    We use these beans to make our own soy milk. We tried other beans but they always gave the milk a strange taste. Now, we only use Laura beans. Highly Recommend!

  155. isa pan

    I’m a old customer of Laura soybeans. I used the soy beans to make soy beans milk. They are the best soy beans milk. All my friends liked them. I’ll introduce the products to my friends.

  156. Anonymous

    Soybean sprouts [kong-na-mool] is a ubiquitous Korean banchan [side dish]. I started growing my own sprouts with beans a friend gave to me from your farm. It is so fun to grow and tastes so much better than store bought. I was a bit worried that the beans I purchased wouldn’t sprout because there is no mention about sprouting (unlike your NATO beans), but it works just as great. Your have top quality beans. I am a happy soybean sprout grower….trying out if I have a green thumb.

  157. Jean Hsu

    The soy bean is fresh. The soy milk tastes so good!

  158. WJ Xu

    I bought this product to make soy milk at home during shelter in place. This is the second time I purchased from them, following a testing purchase of a 5lbs package. Would recommend this brand.

  159. Anonymous

    Soybeans has really good quality.

  160. Martin Angst

    We make various dishes, including homemade tempeh (delicious!), tofu, soymilk, and Chinese recipes from these wonderful soy beans.

  161. Anonymous

    Very good quality! All beans are very well germinated for bean sprouts. Good for tofu and soybean milk. I love Laura beans.

  162. Irene

    Normally I buy the packaged soy beans or even the soybeans from Whole Foods in the bulk section. With the covid-19, a lot of the bulk sections were discontinued. So I had to look online for my soybeans, I’m so glad I did though!!! These soybeans are really great Bc they haven’t been sitting in storage for too long. I find more consistent soybeans than the ones I get from the organic and bulk section. Pretty great. Now I see why the tofu makers like buying from here. I will continue to purchase from Laura in the future.

  163. Megan

    These beans make the best soy milk which makes amazing tofu! The milk smells incredible while it’s simmering. Also a great bean for making tempeh.

  164. Meg

    I tried some for sprouting, and they sprouted in the second day.

  165. Sydney

    I was delighted at the high quality and fast delivery of the beans — though that may be because I’m in a neighboring state. I did enjoy ordering directly from Laura Soy Beans and will do so again for my soybean needs.

    I soaked them, popped them into my SoyaJoy 4 and have been enjoying fresh delicious soymilk every since.

  166. Teri D Anderson

    Very pleased with the soybeans! Makes great soymilk!

  167. Myonghee Kim

    I made soybean powder with these beans. It is soooooo delicious!
    I love these soybeans and I am excited to make another food with these beans.

  168. David

    Our first time to make soy milk and tofu. Beans worked well.

  169. Anonymous

    Made tofu from these beans and they worked great and created a delicious end product.

  170. wendy g

    I use to buy organic soy bean imported from china. it has been sold out for a while in almost all chinese grocery stores. i went to the soy milk machine vendor’s web site looking for soy beans (they charge >7 USD a pound! )they mentioned Laura Bean’s name so i tracked to this site.

    The bean size is larger and more uniformed. the soy milk seems taste better ( less raw bean smell, 豆腥味)。

    I had problem with the first shipment, and someone from the office resolved next day. excellent service.

  171. Anonymous

    These soybeans are clean and fresh. Soymilk came out perfectly. I enjoy my soymilk everyday!

  172. Anonymous

    I am not an expert. But there are white soybeans that I hear a lot of complains from those who can tell the difference. Laura’s soybeans does not seem to have bad reviews, so I bought it. Soymilk was great. I enjoyed okara also. I really wish they make organic!!!!

  173. Susan Chen

    My friend recommend it. Soymilk came out perfectly. I enjoy my soymilk everyday!

  174. Susie Lyons

    Just love making my own soy milk. No wasted containers!
    And I use the leftover pulp to make onion pancakes. I have been doing this for over a year now. Recently discovered I am gluten intolerant so this works even better for me!

  175. Amanda

    I used them for making soymilk for many years. Always getting beans from here, never get disappointed. Reliable product and place to get soybean.

  176. Young

    Since buying the soybeans, my husband and I have been enjoying homemade soy milk everyday. I also sprouted beansprouts. Amazing!

  177. Brad Cuthbertson

    Tasty, fresh, organic.

  178. Shulee

    The soybeans are very fresh and the soybean milk tastes so good!
    I am so very impressive with the excellent customer service. Very quick to response my questions. Very honest seller! I’ll continue to order from here. A very happy customer!!!!!

  179. Ranjay Singh

    Quality is good. I am using Laura Soybeans to prepare Soya milk and tofu. Milk and tofu taste is too good.

  180. Simone

    Excellent quality soy beans and delivered on time. Great customer service.

    I recently started making tofu and soy milk from scratch again. It is hard to buy soy beans in NYC since they only sell them in 1 lb plastic bags in my neighborhood. I found Laura Soy Beans was recommended by a number of vegan / vegetarian blogs so decided to give them a try. The quality of the beans is obvious when compared to what I was previously able to buy. The soy milk and tofu from them are delicious. I also add herbs and olives into the mix for my tofu. Oh so good.

    TIP: When making either soy milk or tofu I use my tofu press to get more liquid out of the Okara (soy pulp). I get about a cup of extra milk than wringing it by hand. Just put the tofu press in a shallow pan to collect the milk.

    I have used the Okara in chocolate brownies, muffins, okara burgers and as a base (instead of rice) for sauteed veggies. I will make soy yogurt with the beans next week.

    I appreciate the blog with the recipes. Thanks for the great soy beans – next time I will get the 20 lb bag.

  181. Eileen

    Just received my second batch of Laura soybeans… 13 lbs this time, up from my first 5 lb shipment. Now that I am wise in the ways of tofu making, and utterly spoiled by the delicious just-how-I-like-it blocks I have been producing, there is no going back! The beans are clean and beautiful, and they are shipped incredibly fast.

  182. Kaiyla

    I was happily surprised with my purchase, that’s for sure! My soy milk and Green onion pancakes are amazing.

  183. Mark Parmenter

    Nice bead size, uniform size, fast shipping considering. First time maker.

  184. Elizabeth Wheeler

    Lauren soybeans not only make wonderful soy milk but also delicious soy yogurt. Looking forward to exploring tofu and maybe even tempeh in the future. Also glad to hear about ways to use the Okara, which I had never heard of before. I’ll be ordering more when my first 13 pounds is used up.

  185. M and M

    My husband and I are delighted to report Laura soybeans are perfect! Most other soybeans we’ve tried stayed hard, even after hours of simmering. We use Laura soybeans to make soy milk, soy yogurt, tofu and soy coffee. We are pleased as well with the price, but even more importantly, the reason we chose to try Laura is because a real farming family grows these beans and does so with great care for the earth and the plants. Also, you can’t beat how fresh the beans are and how the farmers are willing to share the crop information with you, from when it was grown to how it was grown, harvested and processed.

  186. S W

    I used Lauren soybeans made wonderful soy milk. Never test such a good soy milk. My family Very like Lauren soybeans.

  187. Courtney

    I decided to make my own soy milk at home and had done quite a bit of research before buying. It seems like Laura Soybeans is the brand recommended the most. I am not disappointed at all because the beans are new and if good quality.

  188. jadie k son

    very good without any black part and very fresh

  189. Ginette

    Fresh ! Lovely taste

  190. Serena

    The soybeans are very fresh and great quality. I have made soymilk from these soybeans a couple of times so far and each time I am really happy with the taste of the soymilk. Thank you for growing these exceptional soybeans.

  191. Gracy

    Love the bulk soy, and it goes a long way for us. Would love to receive more specials when offered, and maybe soon the products will be organic, but satisfied with non gmo soy beans! Specially soy, since it is over grown everywhere as gmo seeds for animal feed. Thank you for the opportunity to buy a good product that is safer for my family!

  192. Anonymous

    We have really enjoyed this new bag of soy beans. We have also made tempeh with it also. My whole family has really enjoyed them. I am actually about to purchase my second bag. Excellent company. If you have any questions they respond quickly.

  193. Anonymous

    Laura’s Soybeans communications for my order were outstanding. I knew exactly what to expect. I just made my first pot of very tasty soy milk using Laura’s beans.

  194. Iden

    I was surprised by the quality of Laura’s Soybeans sent with my new soy milk maker. I noticed they were good looking beans, but it was not until I made the milk that I got excited: so creamy and sweet! Miles beyond what I had been making previously with mediocre beans. And *thank you* for growing these wonderful beans without glyphosate – makes a huge difference – the biggest difference – to me.

  195. Anonymous

    The delivery was fast enough, the quality of beers excellent, that is the beans are sprouting well in my sprouting bottle.

  196. Lori VanDerlinde

    This was my second order – love them. I use them to make soymilk each week. I buy the 13 lb size to save on shipping expense but still go through them fairly quickly. Love that my soy milk is just water and beans – healthy, tasty, and cheaper than in stores.


    I have been ordering the Laura soy bean for last 5 years when they have new crops, and so far I have never been disappointed! Their soybean has a great flavor and taste. I really like the soy milk that I make with Laura soybeans.

  198. Holly Z

    I can definitely taste a difference between these soybeans and the ones I randomly find in a store. These beans make much more fragrant soymilk

  199. Anonymous

    Fresh and taste great!
    Seller that I can trust and satisfy with quality. Excellent!

  200. Anonymous

    I was never much of a fan of soybeans-I ate them because they were “good for you.” Tried Laura Soybeans, from scratch soy mylk, Wow! Am I hooked! I didn’t use sweeteners or flavourings. Making my second batch tomorrow, along with tofu! Thank you Laura for Non GMO soybeans.

  201. Danny S

    Cheaper than local and much better quality. The beans were very yellow and made a very rich tofu. No broken beans. Super high quality and will absolutely buy again.

  202. susan Kay

    This is my first foray into making soymilk and using Laura’s beans produced an excellent product. Plus, it’s much cheaper than buying even the cheaper brands of commercial soymilk, with none of the additives. Actually, I rarely drink it, but instead make soy yogurt and soy kefir and both require soymilk with no additives for the product to fermet. I use the leftover soy meal power-like grains, as an additive to my smoothies for an added boost of protein and fiber.

  203. Caitlin

    I just started making soymilk (and soon tofu), so I don’t have a ton of experience, but this beans have worked out great so far. It’s a great price and way cheaper than buying at the supermarket. Excited to keep having soy adventures!

  204. Hongyun Yang

    Very good quality and ship quickly!
    Customer service is great!

  205. Hongyun Yang

    Very good quality and ship quickly!
    Customer service is great!

  206. Anonymous

    I am new to using raw soybeans in the home and am delighted at how much food I am able to procure from such a small amount– 1/2 cup of dried beans produce 1 liter of soymilk and a cup and 1/2 of okara, which I use in multiple ways–all this, for cents, really! I purchased 13 lbs so will need some time to consume them all, but I will be back for more! Thank you.

  207. Alex A

    I made tofu and soy milk with these for the first time! I can’t compare it to other beans because I haven’t tried any but my end result turned out great!

  208. Annie

    I bought 2 13lb soybeans (Laura and Nano). They came in separate packages on separate days. Fresh products in excellent quality. I made soy milk and bean sprouts, am very satisfied.

  209. Tho Ackerman

    I am very happy with the soybeans i ordered and received very quick. I used the beans to make soymilk every to drink to eat with cereal for breakfast and it tastes delicious. Thank you for the good quality of these beans.

  210. Ngan

    Great product. Taste great and rich with a nice color.

  211. Alex

    This product is amazing. I have been making soy milk using all sorts of soy beans. This product stands out.

  212. Anonymous

    Previously purchased a smaller quantity of soybeans and were very satisfied. Bought the largest quantity available this time around and I’m very happy with the quality of these beans.

  213. Anonymous

    Laura soybeans are so tasty! I love making my own soy milk and tofu using Laura soybeans! It’s a little extra work, but it’s worth it for the amazing flavor!

    Shopping costs are very reasonable and super fast!!

    Thanks Laura soybeans for helping us eat more healthy meals!

  214. Anonymous

    I’ve been purchasing Laura Soybeans for many years. I make soymilk 3 to 4 times weekly, so I go through my 13 lb. package fairly quickly. Laura Soybeans not only make delicious soymilk, but the beans are always clean and in good shape. I originally tried buying soybeans from other sources, but was not pleased with the beans. I also can reassure everyone that the owners of Laura Soybeans stand behind their product. I recently had an incident in which a bag of soybeans had split and when I removed the bag from the mailing box, the beans had spilled everywhere. I contacted the company and they immediately shipped out a new bag of soybeans.

  215. Kristy Lo

    I am super impressed by the quality and taste of the soy bean milk that uses these soybean.

  216. Anonymous

    I bought it to make soy milk. Good product. Highly recommend

  217. Caroline

    I have made great coffee flavored soy yogurt with Laura soybeans in the past. I recently placed an order for more soybeans. It has been a while, so I need to experiment with the recipe as I don’t recall which thickeners I used. I do recall that the yogurt was very thick since I blended the soymilk well in the blender before straining. Sometimes I skipped straining altogether to increase the fiber, although then the yogurt was a little less smooth. The yogurt lasted a very long time in the refrigerator and was much better than commercial soy yogurt.

  218. Luna

    I am incredibly pleased with my first order of Laura soybeans. They were packaged well, their color is beautiful, and I see barely any cracking or brown edges. They are sure to make superior soymilk, I am thoroughly impressed. Better by far to the ones I was buying at the store.

  219. Desheng Xu

    I made soybean milk with this soybean. Based my experience, The taste and smell of soybean milk made with this soybean is great. I highly recommend this product for making soybean milk.

  220. Cheryl

    Soybeans are always reliably fresh, highest quality, and the company is friendly, helpful, and responsive. I recommend this product to anyone making their own soymilk or needing soybeans for recipes.

  221. Anonymous

    I ordered soybeans
    I made a soy milk ,sprouts and tofu ..
    Everything is perfect
    Very delicious and fresh
    I recommend it
    Thank you

  222. Anonymous

    Very tasty. No after taste. Enjoying them

  223. Anonymous

    great product and fast shipping, have been ordering their products over a year now.

  224. Anonymous

    I was introduced to Laura’s Soybeans during a recent study on the effects of a low-fat vegan diet supplemented with 1/2 soybeans…loved the nutrients these provide and definitely feel the effects…have continued eating them daily as the effects have been compelling!

  225. Sharon

    Excellent quality soybeans, our family really enjoy it!

  226. Wendy

    Delicious, consistent tofu every time and the only soybeans I use now!

  227. Ling

    Soybeans are in very good quality, I am very pleased, and I will buy more in the future.

  228. Jay

    I use this to make my own soy milk and soy yogurt, which tastes great every time.

  229. Richars

    My wife makes her own soy milk. These soy beans are so much better than what we’ve found locally. My only complaint is the box, which wasn’t very sturdy and quite literally falling apart at the seams on arrival. Fortunately, the inner plastic bag was strong and still in good shape.

  230. Jean Maffiola

    I am so happy I found this company and their products as I make my own soy milk and tofu. The soy beans are excellent quality and the product is so easy to order, quick to ship with reasonable shipping cost as a bonus.

  231. Susan

    I’ve used these beans for several years to make soymilk, which I then ferment to make soy yogurt. I also pressure cook them to make roasted soy nuts. The taste is great and that they are free from pesticides and are not GMO makes this a great product!

  232. Rachel

    Wow. I bought several different kinds of soy to experiment with what makes the best yogurt and tofu and this is hands down the superior product. The tofu is sweeter and more floral and the yogurt sets up more firmly. Highly recommend.

  233. zana curley

    I gave this product 2 stars because of the lack of customer service this company provides. I have tried to contact someone with a few questions as I am new to using soybeans but have yet to receive a response a week later. From what I can tell, the beans are fine, but again, I have questions and since they have not been answered, I have yet to use the product.

  234. Mary

    These soybeans are the best by far that I have ever purchased. I was amazed at how nice they were.
    I will always order my soybeans here from now on.

  235. Mindi

    I love these soybeans. They are fresh and make delicious soy milk.

  236. Peter W Orthmann

    Cooking these in an Instant Pot with vegetable broth for use in salads. They are delicious and very healthy.

  237. Christine

    Love these soy beans! They are always great tasting and they make great tofu!!

  238. Gracy

    Thank you for the flat rate on shipping and such quick delivery time!

  239. Anong

    The soy milk is delicious and creamy. Having very sweet aroma while the soy milk is cooking.

  240. Yen sheng hu

    I am satisfied

  241. Yen sheng hu

    I am satisfied

  242. jessie barnhart

    Makes great soy milk,thank you!

  243. Ed Lieu

    Good quality soybean for making fermented soybeans.

  244. Catherine McLean

    I absolutely love these soybeans for making tofu ,I plan on making Tempeh , I highly recommend Laura soybeans and will continue to buy from them

  245. A Loch

    Great quality soybeans, shipped quickly

  246. Leila

    I started making my own soy milk with Laura soybeans in 2020, when there were soy milk shortages, and I’ve never gone back. Now, I make my own soy milk, tofu, and tempeh. It’s so much cheaper and produces so much less waste than purchasing commercial soy products — and the quality is incredible! Homemade really is the best!

  247. Janice Moskowitz

    Large and clean beans. Makes high quality soymilk.

  248. Wally

    The quality is always great and uniform (after buying for 3 years). I make a batch of soy milk every six to seven days since 2019. I have never found problems with the soy beans. The soy milk is better than the commercial products because there is no added sugar. Therefore, it is healthier for type 2 diabetes.

  249. Yukiko

    Great soybeans which I had ever had in the U.S.

  250. Reiko Kawashima

    I satisfied your beans very much. I will return next year.

  251. Haeyoung

    The product is always great, but the delivery box is almost broken.

  252. Jill

    Love these soybeans. I use my Instant Pot and make a batch to last me all week in my salads and soups. 1/2 cup a day to keep the hot flashes away!

  253. wen lee

    I’ve used Laura soybean for more than 5 yrs. it tastes so good on my soymilk, and soy pudding.

  254. Yalun Lin

    Good quality.

  255. Steve Wood

    This amazing food needs to be available in our grocery stores. I’ve never tasted soybeans before. They are heavenly and are 36.5% protein:

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