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2 lb bag of NON-GMO Laura® Soybeans 2023 Crop best for Soymilk Tofu Tempeh Boiling


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2 pounds of 2023 Laura® Soybeans for the best Soymilk and Tofu in a resealable poly bag.

1 lbs of soybeans produces about 1.5 gallons of milk using a soy milk maker.

The Chambers Family Farm produces the highest quality food soybeans available for your home and family. All of our food soybeans are NON-GMO and grown, tended, harvested and packaged right here on our 5th generation family farm. Quality You Can Trust from our family to yours!

15 reviews for 2 lb bag of NON-GMO Laura® Soybeans 2023 Crop best for Soymilk Tofu Tempeh Boiling

  1. Hana

    The beans arrived clean enough ready for use.
    (I rinsed them before using though) and they taste great, will definitely come back and buy more. Shipping was faster than my amazon prime orders, and they packed in a clean priority mail box. Thank you so much for the beans, we enjoyed, and we’ll be coming back soon for some more!

  2. Eric

    Wanted to test soybean sprouting for the very first time. I followed instructions found via google searches, and got mostly sprouts of different lengths — about 1/8″ to 1″ — in 4 to 5 days. Some beans turned a little brown. Others turned a little green because I kept them on my kitchen counter instead of in a dark location. Some didn’t show sprouts but were crunchy and edible anyway. They were crunchy and edible for me after 4 days. For safety, I did not consume them raw. I made sure they were somehow heated to about 165 degrees first. I used a 1200 watt microwave on high for 3-4 minutes (timing depends on quantity of sprouts and wattage of microwave oven). I’ve also seen people “blanch” them by dipping them in boiled water or steaming them for maybe 3 to 4 minutes. Again, I’m new to this so please research and test further on your own before attempting for the first time. Thank you.

    This article is one of many available on the Internet:

    Soy beans are a versatile, inexpensive legume, good in a variety of recipes. Did you know you can also sprout them?

  3. Michelle kagan

    I will order more. Thanks!

  4. Anonymous

    I used the beans to make soymilk. It was very creamy and only faintly beany!

  5. Anonymous

    I put a lot of oil in the pot and stirred the beans. Made it crispy. Great snacks

  6. Grasshopper

    I received a sample of Laura soy beans with my soy milk machine. Her beans gave me 25% more milk than the soy beans I purchased in the bulk bin of my grocery store. So I will continue to order these beans to make delicious soy milk.

  7. Lynn

    I am using these beans to make miso paste. And wow, these beans after cooking are so sweet and smell amazing, I couldn’t have cooked beans around because my dogs would follow me obsessively, it smelled that good.

  8. Sassie

    These beans were perfect. The only problem was the package broke during shipping so I received a box with a bunch of loose beans in it.

  9. Pommymommy

    I watched a pod cast with a doctor talking about the subject of menopausal hot flashes. He stated studies to reduce the occurrence was to eat soy everyday for their estrogen like properties. I’m now eating 1/2 cup of soy beans a day. I just started, so I don’t see the menopausal symptom changes as of now. But the soy beans are very delicious. Read directions on how to soak and cook them. Unlike other beans, soy beans need a very long cooking time, around three hours on simmer after soaking all night. I suppose there is also a recipe for cooking in an instant pot. They are worth the effort. I also bought the toasted soy beans. They’re delicious for snacking!

  10. Carolyn

    I have bought dried soy beans and cooked them twice. I could not get them soft.and did not enjoy them at all. These turned out great. I hope I can remember how long I cooked them in the instant pot next time. But they are much higher quality than the other ones and so hood for us.

  11. Dano

    This is my first order and I am very satisfied. I had been ordering from CA. These soybeans are bigger and get softer after soaking.

  12. Susan


  13. Jean

    I love the soy nuts. Very tasty, I use them as a snack all the time.

  14. Dharshini Joseph

    Easy ordering process. Fast delivery. Laura Soybeans is what I recommend to everyone.

  15. Rupal

    Best beans to make milk!

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