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20 Lbs. NONGMO Laura® Soybeans 2023 Crop best for Soymilk Tofu Tempeh Boiling


(101 customer reviews)

Crop Year:


20 pounds of 2023 Laura® Soybeans for Soymilk and Tofu. A Truly Great Value for You!

1 lbs of soybeans produces about 1.5 gallons of milk using a soy milk maker.

The Chambers Family Farm produces the highest quality food soybeans available for your home and family. All of our food soybeans are NON-GMO and grown, tended, harvested and packaged right here on our 5th generation family farm. Quality You Can Trust from our family to yours!

101 reviews for 20 Lbs. NONGMO Laura® Soybeans 2023 Crop best for Soymilk Tofu Tempeh Boiling

  1. John Roman

    twenty pounds of soybeans may seem like quite a bit, and indeed it is, but the quality and consistency of the milk and tofu I’ve been making with Laura beans has been remarkable. The bean soaks well and yields generous batches of okara as well. The quality really shows as beans are a satin complexion, round and firm. Laura beans are a masterclass when compared to the wrinkled, emaciated stock found in asian grocery stores.

  2. kumi

    2015’s new clop of Laura’s soybeans are marvelous! compare with 2014’s ( yes it was excellent though ) acording to my O-ling test.

    this is my second order since I had known Laura
    s soybean recentry.

    I make soy milk for making
    soy yogurt, and tempeh.

    soy milk: richer, creamier, sweeter than ever !

    tempeh: ah …. I have never tasted tempeh like that….

    Thanks Laura 🙂

  3. Toshikazu Foley

    We’ve been using Laura’s soybeans since 2012 to make Nigari tofu from scratch.

  4. Tammy

    This is my second time ordered soybeans from Laura’s soybean. The reason I came back because the quality is good and the price is really reasonable. I make my own soy milk and the flavor is so good by using Laura’s soybeans.

  5. Sharon

    Got this product shortly after placed the order, much faster than I expected. The bean is so fresh compare to what I usually get. The entire family loves it.

    First time purchaser, I will definitely recommend to my friends and other family members.

  6. Anonymous

    I have been a returning customer for quite a few years. Soybeans are very fresh. Shipping is fast too. It becomes my go to place for soybean product.

  7. Darin

    My wife got a tofu maker for Christmas because she couldn’t get tofu she liked in our small town. She has been using these beans and loves her homemade tofu! These soy beans please her, and she is fairly picky about the quality of our food. The larger bag is a good value, and I prefer to order direct from the company when given a chance.

  8. Anonymous

    My husband and I use these soy beans to make homemade soy milk and tofu. I love knowing that I’m supporting American farmers helping the land be healthy. These beans make smooth milk that is creamy and rich. The tofu is the best; fresh and full of a smooth soybean taste. We will only be ordering these beans from now on!

  9. Kel

    Thank you Laura for selling such delicious soy beans. They came quickly and they’re fresh and delicious and I will totally buy more when they’re gone.

  10. Irvin

    I’ve tried a few beans from local shops and didn’t really think these would be very different. I’ve seen Laura’s recommended at workshops and online but I didn’t really think there would be a difference. After making a cup of soymilk I am completely sold. The beans are so pretty looking – they are a bright yellow instead of the pale color I’m used to. I’m hoping the tofu I make with these beans is much better!

  11. Anonymous

    These make the most tasty soymilk ever! With my new soymilk maker and Laura Soybeans, the process is easy and inexpensive. I feel good feeding my family fresh wholesome soymilk. Not something with a shelf life dated 10 to 12 months from now due to additives.

  12. Anonymous

    No better soybean for making soymilk. I prefer to use dry beans in a SoyaJoy. I recommend Laura beans and the soymilk maker highly!

  13. Nere

    Bought 20 lbs and sent it to mom for tofu and her kitchen inventions.

  14. ling Tan

    I just brought 20 lbs. dry soy beans. I love the fresh soy milk made out of the Laura dry soy beans.

  15. Anonymous

    I got recommendations from my friend for your soybeans recently and ordered 20Ibs for a try. The taste is great and we are drinking soy milk everyday! Thank you very much for such quality product! BTW, the online purchase process is simple and easy and I got my order fast. I strongly recommend anyone who’s interested in healthy soybean product to try this company.

  16. Bruce

    About once a week I cook a Soyajoy batch of soy milk. It’s labor intensive and retired guys must be a good part of the labor force.
    Tastes fine and then there is the bonus of two servings of okara for breakfast.

  17. Hui Chou

    I am a Chinese American and we depend a lot on soybean products, e.g., soy milk, tofu, dried bean curd, etc. For a long time when I was a busy student I just bought these from local Chinese grocery stores without knowing how they were made. About 5 years ago I randomly bought some Chinese made soy milk making machines from Amazon on sale and they work much nicer than having to manually squeeze out the soy juice from grounded soybean pastes and slowly wait for the juice to boil but not boil over! Since that time I have gotten used to making soy milk in my spare weekends and the only trusted source of high quality soybeans I have used were from Laura Soybeans. Since I also lived in Iowa, I know people here especially farmer a lot more honest than re-sellers from out of state who may not know the origins of the soybeans they sell. So far I have successfully made soy milks (of course; thanks to the machines) and two types of tofu using different coagulants (Nigari (magnesium chloride; Japanese style tofu) and Gypsum (calcium sulfate; Chinese style tofu) ) and they both tasted very good! I never knew freshly made tofu tasted so good compared to store bought tofu. Too bad there isn’t tofu making home appliances that I can buy to speed up the tofu making from soy milk process, but it’s really fun to make your own tofu if you have time. I have not tried making dried bean curds yet because that is going to take even more time on top of tofu making , but I am sure I will try that some days. It’s a bit off topic in my review about tofu making and it may sound like I was contracted to write this review, but no, I honestly don’t know anybody at Laura Soybeans other than being a satisfied customer and I just wish them to sell more of their high quality soybeans and stay in business forever, so I can continue to have supplies for my soybean needs. 🙂

  18. Will

    very good quality soybeans and worth the money. the online purchase process is simple and easy and I got my order in 2 days.

  19. Terry

    Having tested several varieties of soy beans (samples kindly provided by Jonathan Chambers) the Laura variety, being the most creamy and having an excellent flavor has proved the best for my needs for both soy milk and tofu. For anyone interested, I use fermented whey from the previous batch to coagulate each new batch of soy milk. (Traditional S.E. Asian method) This not only gives the tofu a unique and subtle flavor, but freezing it produces a fibrous (instead of crumbly) texture which is excellent for making sauced western dishes such as scollapini. Your tofu sceptic friends will never guess it’s tofu!

  20. Dawn

    Using these in a Soyajoy milk maker, mainly for soy yogurt. Quality far exceeds others I have tried, and buying 20lbs (with the flat rate shipping) makes the cost of Laura soybeans quite close to that of the nondescript variety at my local bulk supplier. These are so good that I can even use them unsoaked with no bitterness. The ordering process is simple and the beans arrive promptly.

  21. Anonymous

    Ordered 20 lbs package. Got it in 3 days via USPS priority box. Was super pleased with the quality of the beans. Love it!

  22. Dan

    I’ve tried many brands of soybeans for my homemade tofu and nothing beats the consistent high quality of Laura non-GMO soybeans!

  23. Anonymous

    Best soybean I’ve ever tried in US. It is the best choice for soymilk.

  24. Jeffrey

    I started making my own soymilk over a decade ago. I started because I went vegan for a period of time. Even though I am no eat a vegan diet, I have still continued to make my own soymilk. I use it in a variety of things like soy/coconut milk yogurt, soy cheeses (much better than the store bought vegan cheeses) and just plain soymilk for my cereals (also homemade) and a variety of dishes calling for milk. Just a few additional things like lemon juice to curdle it make it a perfect alternative to milk in so many baked goods.

    I have tried many different varieties of soy beans and found that Laura Soybeans to give the best flavor.

    Thank you for a wonderful product

    I am also dealing with chemotherapy because I have cancer and this is much easier to tolerate than regular milk when I don’t feel like eating and I need to get nutrients into my system.

  25. Anonymous

    Glad I was able to get soybeans from 2017 crop year.

  26. Sierra Nelson

    Have tried various soybeans over the years but nothing compares to Laura soybeans period! There is no beanie taste at all. It just has a full bodied creamy taste. I have been having a great time playing around with the Soymilk machine you sell and trying out all kinds of ideas and recipes. Laura soybeans are the best. I will never use any other soybean. This review has not been compensated in any way.

  27. Linda Ezell

    We find Laura Soy beans to be of excellent quality. We do not make milk or tofu but we do cook them and make into soup and salads they are very good this way. We also like to grind them and use them like cornmeal in bread. We are glad they are non gmo. and feel that they are safer to eat.

  28. Linda

    very good product, Great tasting soy beans. I like the fact that soy beans are complete protein. I grind them and use them like cornmeal to make bread. Also I like the fact that they are non GMO

  29. Virginia

    These are the best soybeans – I am so happy I found Laura Soybeans when looking online. I have tried another brand that was organic and its quality was inferior to Laura Soybeans. I am very pleased with the product, the fast delivery, and I will be a return customer.

  30. Anonymous

    I kept purchasing their soybeans products every year. They have best quality products.

  31. Dan

    I’ve used Laura’s Soybeans for more than 4 years now for making tofu and soy milk. I tried several other brands before I found Laura’s, and none of them can compare to the consistency and quality of Laura’s Soybeans.

  32. Clare Cao

    Best Soybean, just like the ones i had when i was little back in China!
    I have been looking for the soybean taste like what I remembered when I was young. Few years back, I had a sample when I purchased the soymilk cooker. So I knew I can buy the same kind here in the states. This is it.
    I did milk, tofu and sprouts. All wonderful!

  33. Anonymous

    This fresh harvest soybeans are much better than that in local grocery store. I have been ordered Laura soybeans in the past years and recommended them to my friends.

  34. Anonymous

    We have been purchasing these beans for at least 7 years, several times a year and have always received very mild tasting, fresh beans. We use them to make soy milk, tofu, tempeh, and soy yogurt. Each of these turn out very good without the strong “soy beanie” taste of commercial products or other soy beans. Additionally, the customer service has always been excellent. Highly recommend these beans over any other!

  35. Anonymous

    This was my second order. I love the taste of my soy milk and yogurt!!
    I used to buy local… more
    These are definitely superior beans!

  36. Anonymous

    Very good quality product!

  37. Anonymous

    Excellent product. Much better than run of the mill soybeans sold at natural foods stores.

  38. Anonymous

    Great product ! Would buy again.

  39. Kerry Ezell

    I crush them in the blender. To 1/2 cup blended beans I add 1/2 cup water, 1/4 teaspoon salt, 1 teaspoon baking powder, and 1 egg, blend it well, bake in 7 inch skillet at 425 degrees F for 25 minutes. complete protein, low carb. and my family likes it as well as cornbread

  40. zhijuan cao

    I bought this for sprouting since you are sold out on the natto/sprouting kind. The germination rate is very good. I can’t wait to order your 2020 new crop for sprouting kind, and see whether it will be even better.

  41. LMM

    Have been using these for the past year to make tofu. These turn out quite tasty and consistent. I wanted to order before they ran out!

  42. Sissi

    Very fresh and tasty. Delivered in time. Packed well. Will buy again.

  43. GM

    Your Product is the best!

  44. BT

    Soymilk tasted great!

  45. Carol Wang

    Unlike those that I bought from different stores, I had to pick the bad ones out from time to time, the laura soybeans I ordered here are perfectly clean and solid, defect free. I make the best soy milk with it everyday. Very happy with its top quality!

  46. Anonymous

    I make soybean milk using the soy bean from Laura SoyBeans everyday. Tastes very good.

  47. Tong Ren

    I have been using Laura Soy Beans for the past 10 years to make soy milk. and this is the only brand I USE to make my home-made soy milk. Ever since I first tried these particular beans to make soy milk over 10 years ago, I realized it’s the best taste milk ever, better than all the commercial ones, better than milk made from any other kinds of soy beans. As a matter of fact, I use Vitamix to blend up 4 OZ of soaked Laura beans in 600ml water, then designate a clean pillow case to strain it, then repeat the same steps to do the other 4 OZ beans. Finally boil the strained milk. It sounds to be a complicated process, but you will get the most authentic, delicious and healthy soy milk! I can drink it without adding anything, or at times add a little organic sugar, or honey, or coffee flavor. You can be as creative as you want to be! Bottomline is these are the most ideal beans I recommend to use for making soy milk!!!

  48. Sam

    Compared to the soybeans I’ve previously bought, these are larger, rounder, whiter, and heavier. The soymilk I made is indistinguishable from the batches I’ve made from other beans.

  49. Michelle

    I make the soybean milk by Lura Soybeans to my family for years. It’s fresh and testy, we all like it. After I bought the soybeans from Lura soybeans, I have never gone back to the Grocery stores to buy soybeans.


    It’s very fresh and taste good. I will reorder again and again.

  51. Brent

    Laura soybeans are great! They really are a superior bean for soy milk, tofu and tempeh. I’ve used a lot of non-GMO beans from other sources … none seem to work as well for “human food” as Laura beans.

  52. Jawon Ma

    It is best tasting beans!!

  53. JZ

    Very fast shipping. High quality soybeans!

  54. Anonymous

    Very reasonably priced. High quality product. The beans actually sprout if you soak them. I’ve had to peel the skins off to avoid GI distress when making soy milk. Seems that this would be the case with any soybean. I’m so happy with my purchase. Thank you!

  55. A Tran

    I bought 20 lbs of Laura’s soy bean in the first time. I have making soy milk couple times and all turn out very tasty. I love it! And thank you.

  56. Anonymous

    So glad that I am able to buy high quality soybean made in US.

  57. Linda Ezell

    I have loved Laura soybeans from Chambers Family Farm ever since I ate the first one almost 15 years ago. Please don’t ever quit growing them.

  58. Anonymous

    I received my order a day earlier than expected. It was carefully packed so it arrived in a very good condition. They also informed me when my order was processed and shipped. Their soybean is the best that no pre-packaged soybeans that I bought at the supermarkets can compare. I have recommended Laura Soybeans to my friends and relatives, and will keep order Laura’s soybeans.

  59. Anonymous

    High quality

  60. Anonymous

    I have purchased the soybeans 3 times to make soy milk. Really like it.

  61. Tom

    These beans are the most consistently beautiful beans I’ve ever bought.

  62. Anonymous

    The color and quality of these soybeans are perfect, and they are priced fairly. I will continue buying these for all my soymilk and tofu needs.

  63. Anonymous

    Soy milk from it tastes fresher than the ones bought in store. fast secure shipping, highly recommend

  64. Anonymous

    Excellent service and soybean

  65. Anonymous

    Taste very good!

  66. darkblue

    This soybean is grate taste just boiled. Fresh and excellent taste I ever have in U.S.A. I am also using just boiled and added to my fruit smoothie. Whole grain soy may be better than any heavy processed protein powder.

  67. Lisa S.

    The soybeans arrived in a timely manner and looked good. I’ve successfully made two batches of tofu and am looking forward to many more!

  68. Anonymous

    Best soybean you can buy in US. Great service. Good quality, all whole beans. Soy milk tastes naturally sweat.

  69. kyong kang

    I finally felt like I found the best bean I wanted, making soy milk to make tofu with Laura beans. It was because I could feel the color and taste of the newly harvested beans that I had expected. When I ordered, I was worried that I would not be able to consume all of the 20 pounds, but after making two tofu, I realized that such concern was a leaning. I just have a hunch that I will order Laura Kong again sooner than I thought. It is a good product that I want to recommend confidently to my family and acquaintances. Thank you very much for producing and selling these products.


    I buy soybeans for personal use but I use a lot of them for making tofu, tempeh natto, and several other things. This company is one of few that have natto beans available, so I ordered a 5 lb bag just to test the natto beans out and I wasn’t disappointed. I can count on these beans to be the best quality every time and plan on being a steady customer.
    Thank you Laura for having high standards.

  71. Wen-Ching Cheng

    Good quality soybeans. On-time delivery.

  72. David Cohen

    I bought 20pounds Laura beans and asked for separate pack for 5ponds per bag they did it for me and delivered very quickly

  73. Michelle

    I order this soy bean to make the healthy and delicious soy milk for my family….year after year.

  74. Anonymous

    I have been ordering soy beans for me and many of my friends. Healthy gift.

  75. Anonymous

    I have been ordering soy beans for me and many of my friends. Healthy gift.

  76. Anonymous

    These beauties make incredible soy milk and tofu, simply the best! Thank You!

  77. Anonymous

    Great product 7& price. I’m already a returning customer and I’ll be back for more.

  78. Anonymous

    I learned about Laura’s Soybeans after Cathy Erway wrote about sweet and savory soy milk. I gave it a try, and am now hooked.

  79. James Clay

    took a few more day’s to get here because of the holiday , but I was not in a hurry. just me here .made some soymilk and it is good .I make tofu also. got some rat now , but when that is gone —look out—

  80. James Yuan

    I make soymilk with Laura soybeans for years. It smells very fragrant, very delicious.

  81. Elizabeth

    If you’re looking for the perfect soybeans to make your homemade soymilk, look no further. These beans are the best I’ve encountered and after using them there’s no way I’m going back to storebought. When I blended the soaked beans for the first time, my first thought was “wow, these are special soybeans!” I am impressed with the high quality and the delicious soy milk I produced. No added sugar needed. It has its own sweetness. I’ll definitely continue to purchase from Laura Soybeans!

  82. Anonymous

    Good-quality soybeans for making healthy and delicious soy milk.

  83. Donna Kalebich

    Cooked up nicely, going to make tofu next

  84. Amelia

    I buy these soybeans every year. They are gorgeous and make wonderful, fresh soymilk. The leftover pulp (okara) is delicious in cakes and cookies, and if I’m too busy to use it, it’s a great source of protein for our chickens, who love it.
    Mr. Chambers ships quickly and the soybeans are well-packed. Huge thumbs up!

  85. Wren

    I have been buying this soybean for almost two years to make soy milk. It is really really good. The soy milk is so soy-flavored and creamy. Highly recommended!!!

  86. Lauren Hong

    These soybeans are much better than the organic ones I’ve purchased from the local specialty market. These are very fresh and makes great soymilk. Will be ordering them on a regular basis.

  87. Hung Wong

    Arrived in time and package is good. The beans look great and very uniform. Have not start using yet, so cannot comment on milk production. Overall, have confidence in its qualifty.

  88. Michelle

    Great quality and fast shipping

  89. Vicki Tolka

    I not only love these soybeans for their quality, taste and versatility, but I am also impressed with the speediness of their delivery. Great business & product all around!!!!!!!

  90. Caroline

    These soybeans are great. I always soak them overnight before pressure cooking in my Instant Pot or using my soy milk machine to make soy milk. Sometimes I take the extra step of waiting a bit longer so they sprout before cooking them.

    I failed to rotate the boxes properly and recently found that I still had 2018 crop on hand. They did not absorb as much water as normal during soaking and they took much longer to cook. but they tasted fine. I cooked twice for 45 minutes at high pressure and they were soft enough. I used some to cook with frozen lima beans and added to a succotash recipe for a high fiber gut friendly meal. The rest I put into my blender (an inexpensive brand, not a Vitamix) and blended into soy milk. I added water, lecithin granules, plus blackstrap molasses for a touch of sweetness and extra minerals. I used some of this in my bread recipe and diluted the rest half and half with store bought soy milk. It tasted great and had extra fiber that is lacking in store bought soy milk along with more minerals.
    And of course it cut the cost of the resulting soy milk nearly in half.

    I made the milk with the Instant Pot because I was concerned that the old beans might not make an acceptable milk with the soy milk machine. I plant to try the blender method next with a batch of newer beans made into milk with my soy milk machine. This would allow me to skip the straining step which is a bit time consuming and would eliminate the problem of what to do with all the okara. These soy milk machines do not last forever, so it is good to know that the Instant Pot plus blender will also work.

  91. Julie Butler

    Awesome service. Beans were great. Will be buying again.

  92. Tailin Hong

    1.They only sell the newest crops.
    2.There is always someone there to answer the questions.
    3. They have greatly improved the shipping speed. I am in Texas, the recent order take only a few days.


    Delivery has enormously improved! Product is superb

  94. Shu Chen Huang

    Nice fresh, best for making soybean milk.

  95. Lei Pei

    Really good, I used it for making soymilk, they are really good.

  96. Lori

    This is my 4th order. Consistently good product, well packaged, timely delivery. I use the beans to make my own soymilk, and have experimented with making yogurt, tofu, and roasted soy nuts

  97. Lisa P Ramirez-Borg

    These were exceptional quality and I am enjoying exsploring soybeans.

  98. Lori Bailley

    Great quality! I bought these to cook in my Instant Pot in large batche

  99. Lori Bailley

    Great quality. Very fresh. I cook my soybeans in my Instant Pot in large batches, then store in small containers in my freezer to add to meals. Very tasty.

  100. James Clay

    OK FOLKS, I will not buy my soy beans anywhere else. this is my 2nd time to buy from Laura soy beans. they are the best. I will be buying more when these are gone.

  101. Amelia Langston

    The 2022 crop is amazing. The soy milk I’ve made from them has been rich and luscious and creamy. I can’t wait to try out the Okara Donuts recipe with my Okara.

    I made some chickpea flour/tahini jam thumbprint cookies last week, but found the dough to be too oily, so I added a bunch of okara to it. They were delicious. They made the cookies rich and chewy instead of crumbly. I have lots of requests for the recipe.

    Huge thumbs up for Laura soybeans. And I love that each year’s crop tastes a little different!

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