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5 lb bag of NON-GMO Natto Soybeans 2023 Crop Best for Natto & Sprouting


(86 customer reviews)

Crop Year:


The Best Soybeans great for Natto and soybeans sprouts too! 2023 Crop

– 100% Natural Protein, grown straight from the earth
– Non-GMO (not genetically modified)
– Great for Sprouting and Natto
– You can make it at home
– Fresh! you make it when you need it
– Easy To Store Beans For Ease of Use

The Chambers Family Farm produces the highest quality food soybeans available for your home and family. All of our food soybeans are NON-GMO and grown, tended, harvested and packaged right here on our 5th generation family farm. Quality You Can Trust from our family to yours!

Want to know the best way to sprout?

See our method below:

Step 1

Start with a glass mason jar and cheesecloth.  Use a rubber band to hold the cheesecloth onto the opening of the jar.

Step 2

Then add about 120 grams of rinsed Laura® Soybeans into the jar.
Then fill the jar with about twice as much water as soybeans.
Let it sit for about 8 to 10 hours just soaking.

Step 3

After the 8 to 10 hours of soaking, with the cheesecloth still attached pour out the soaking water.
Fill the jar with the soaked beans with water and swish the beans and the water around rinsing the beans in the jar.
Then, still with the cheesecloth on; pour the water out of the jar and leave the Laura® beans in the jar.

Step 4

Then rinse the Laura beans in the jar, each time leaving the cheesecloth on and pouring the rinse water out.
Do this about every 12 hours, until the Laura® beans start to sprout. It takes about 2 to 3 days for them to start sprouting.

Step 5

By the 4th day, the Laura® beans will be sprouting very well.

Step 6

When ready, take the cheesecloth off and pour the sprouted Laura® beans out.

86 reviews for 5 lb bag of NON-GMO Natto Soybeans 2023 Crop Best for Natto & Sprouting

  1. Ruby

    100% germination

  2. Anonymous

    I bought natto beans for sprouting. The beans arrived fast and looked very clean. Easy to sprout them and they are tasty.

  3. Ying

    I bought 5 lbs of Natto soybeans for sprouting. Good quality and I like them… some of my friends also bought them right after they learned from me that those soybeans are really good.

  4. Gail Parker

    I use these beans for making natto. They are perfect. They also arrived very promptly.

  5. Anonymous

    Good price and very high quality. Everyone in my family loves the soybean sprouts I made with this spouting soybeans.

  6. Anonymous

    The ordering and shipping was a breeze.
    The quality of the soybeans was amazing. I tried to pick out any imperfect soybeans, but I couldn’t find any.
    After soaking the soybeans overnight, they were already starting to sprout.
    These are the best quality soybeans I’ve seen in a long time.

  7. Anonymous

    Despite placing a order of soybeans(5 lbs) on holidays, mind you, Laura Soybeans shipped on Priority Mail. I got soybeans on Jan. 5. Soybeans are excelent in prouting. Thanks!

  8. David A. Haggerty

    Great product for a great price.

  9. Anonymous

    I was born and raised in Tokyo, so I have been eating natto pretty much all my life. I never liked those frozen natto i could buy at the Asian grocery stores – those are not even meant to be frozen. So, I make my own natto. Since I could only find regular soy beans at the local stores, I have been making natto from regular soy beans. Those regular bean s are too big to be natto so I had to make chopped natto, instead of whole bean natto which I liked better. These tiny soy beans are so perfect for natto making. Quality and price are excellent as well. I am glad that I found these natto beans! I initially ordered 2 bags just to see, but I am going to order additional few bags.

  10. Neil

    My wife recently got into sprouting. For years, we just bought sprouts at the grocery store when we wanted them, but that all stopped several years ago after all the reports about sprouts that were recalled due to e-coli contamination. Having to deal with that to enjoy sprouts? No thank you.

    Then my step-mom found some “how to” sprouting videos on YouTube and showed me how easy it is to sprout things like mung beans, soybeans, black beans, raw peanuts, lentsis, black beans, alfalfa seeds, etc., so my wife decided to try it. She had great luck with mung beans and alfalfa seeds, but we could not find soybeans for sprouting anywhere in Fresno, California. We tried regular organic soybeans but didn’t have great luck with sprouting those.

    Then we found and decided to try the natto/sprouting soybeans. What a difference! My wife did her first batch and after four days, the sprouts are fantastic! We’re probably going to harvest them tomorrow.

    If you’re interested in soybean sprouts, you won’t go wrong with these natto/sprouting soybeans.

  11. Helena

    Best quality ever!
    I expect to succeed in sprouting.
    Thank you.

  12. Bill

    Great response in service in getting the beans to me. The wife has made the first group of sprouts and is very happy. We would recommend this product of beans and service response to all.

  13. Ellen Xu

    I like Laura soy beans and order it every year. It’s the best quality ever.
    Thanks !

  14. Melody

    We bought it for making Natto. It tastes very good! Better than the one from Whole Foods.

  15. Anonymous

    I decided to start sprouting my own soy beans because my local supermarkets do not carry them in the produce section. Searched the internet and after a couple of hours came to the conclusion that Laura Soybeans were the ones I needed. I am having great results, very few cracked/split beans, they all sprout nicely and best of all, at a great price…

  16. Anonymous

    I’m very happy with the Laura’s soy beans

  17. Pam

    When our food co-op closed I couldn’t find soybeans – so I looked online – Laura’s Soybeans filled my need and I’m happy with the product and service.


    Finally found the perfect small size beans for natto!

  19. Bennett

    I left a trail of tiny soybeans from the lobby to my apartment. The bag in which the product was shipped split during shipping filling the box with loose soybeans, which then dropped from the unsealed edges of the box. I left a comment on the site after receipt of the product, but never heard back other than an invite to review. I don’t think much product was lost, but I’m still finding stray soybeans underfoot in my apartment. I will be making natto with these beans. The soybeans look beautiful. One star off for damage in shipping.

  20. Anonymous

    Very good quality, perfect for both.

  21. Thomas Nord

    I bought the 5 lb natto soybeans. shipping was fast, It weighed in at 5 lbs plus 2 oz. I like the the small size beans. Took 1 lb beans and made 2.2lb/1Kg Natto. Turned out great, I’m happy.

  22. Nadir Shah

    Made 2 cups of Natto and turned out excellent with lot of strings and slime. The beans are Non Gmo but the only concern I have any other chemicals used in growing of these beans which may be harmful to us. It would be nice if they were organic. The size of the beans are excellent to have the best fermentation for Natto.

  23. John B Son

    The delivery was perfect and beans conditions are very clean and healthy,
    immediately open the bag and start to make sprout and it’s well growing now. I’m happy!
    Thanks for supply such a good sprout beans!

  24. Donna

    I first used Laura’s regular soybeans for natto and they made good natto. When they ran out I ordered the natto beans and the result is even better. I will keep ordering them. Thanks for the good clean beans and fast delivery.

  25. Anonymous

    I’m so glad I found Laura beans. The quality of the beans is out of my expectation.

  26. Anonymous

    Appreciate the quick delivery. Great product to make natto with . Happy buyer deinfiely will purchase again.

  27. Anonymous

    Very fresh taste! It was very quick shipping. Thank you.

  28. Uki

    I’m so glad to find this product. Now I’ll be making my own delicious Natto at home. Highly recommended!

  29. Anonymous

    I made tofu for the first time – and it worked! – seemed like magic. I used white vinegar and lemon juice as the coagulant. I rigged up a press using containers I had on hand. The texture was perfect, and the taste was lovely. Will be buying a bigger bag of soybeans next time. I love that I can now have tofu without all the plastic packaging. And it’s much less expensive than store-bought.

  30. Anonymous

    We used the Natto/sprouting soybeans for sprouts, and they are delicious! Way better flavor than store-bought. When we first received them, the dried beans looked really small, so we were a little skeptical, but they fattened right up and are amazing! Fast delivery too. Thank you! We have already ordered our next batch

  31. Anonymous

    We love them. They the best bean we’ve found for making natto. Try them in a vegan chili or in a cold salad for a flavorful addition.

  32. Dae Young Kim

    I am using the beans for sprouting. Very delicious. I have been using their beans for 3 years. No regrets. Highly recommend.

  33. the beginner for sprouting

    Very clean and well grown for sprouting!
    Thank you!

  34. Anonymous

    Each and every bean cooked up to perfection. And the natto made from them are comparable to good quality Japanese natto. Thanks – I appreciate all your work in offering such a wonderful product.
    P.S. Very fast delivery.

  35. Jennifer

    I grew the buds , it’s so delicious

  36. Yeonjoo YI

    Laura Soybeans are perfect for sprouting beans.
    They are beautiful and delicious.

  37. Ryu

    The best soy beans for making Natto I’ve ever had.
    I was looking for small size beans and this is it!
    Also the item was shipped very quickly

  38. Janet K

    Its been a week since I got my natto beans. I have already grown my first batch of bean sprouts. Yummy! And soaked another batch! Love it and would recommend it to anyone. Just wished I had soybeans though. It was all sold out~~~~ happy sprouting~

  39. Yossy

    The size, taste and quantity are everything great!!

  40. Anonymous

    The product arrived so fast and packed nicely. I am very happy with the service and product. The best all in all.

  41. Anonymous

    The product arrived so fast and packed nicely. I am very happy with the service and product. The best all in all.

  42. Anonymous

    I got into Natto when I lived in Japan, basically ate the convenience store packs every day. After coming back to the states, I wanted to make my own. This is the 2nd time I’ve bought the natto sized beans and I will continue to purchase them. The quality of the bean is amazing and The satisfaction of making your own natto is worth it. Don’t spend a lot of time and just get “ok” beans. You will regret not getting the best quality.

  43. Mr Me

    Purchased 5lbs ‘Natto Soybeans’, fabulously clean and well sorted, perfect! Thank you American Farmers!

  44. Anonymous

    I bought this mainly to make Soybean sprouts, they did so very well.

  45. Takahiro

    You can make real Japanese taste Natto in US!
    Tastes like Okame-Natto.

  46. Elisa

    I had been doing a lot of online reading trying to figure out what kind of soybeans were sprouted for kongnamul, and getting rather discouraged. Nevertheless, I decided to try these, and am glad I did. Less than a week after my bag of natto soybeans arrived in the mail, I have a nice batch of sprouts in a mason jar in the cupboard. It looks as if every seed sprouted, and the spouts are large and healthy. Per directions on the sprouter lids, I put 2 tsp of seeds in a quart jar. This looked kinda chintzy, but it turns out that the sprouts need a lot of room to grow. Of course, at 2 tsp/batch, it’s going to take a while to get through my 5-pound bag.

  47. Linda

    Made Natto for the first time. Came out perfect and very tasty. Definitely will buy again

  48. beth

    These soybeans are easy to good up and very versital.
    I prepare them in a variety of ways.

  49. OrdinaryJoe

    These are the “right kind” of Soybeans for Natto preparation. We absolutely need the “smaller sized Soybeans” for good Natto.

    I have found that after soaking for 24-hrs, boiling and then fermenting for 24-hrs with Natto Powder as required, the “final weight” of Natto is 2.75 times the original weight of dry Soybeans. I started with 225-gms of dry Soybeans and the weight of the “final Natto” turned out to be around 620-grams. You can use a factor of 2.75 as a rule of thumb.

    The final Natto turned out to be extremely good and well fermented. It looks like many of the pictures and videos of Natto I have seen on the internet. I have tried for a year with ordinary, large sized Soybeans but could never get the quality of Natto I was looking for. These Laura Natto Soybeans gave me exactly what I wanted. Strangely, I came to know about the “smaller sized Soybeans” for Natto preparation only recently and that too purely by chance.

    I will suggest to everyone trying to prepare Natto to start with this brand of Soybeans. You do not have to go looking beyond that. I started with a 5-lb Bag, just to try it out but because Laura has a “flat mailing charge”, I will go for the 13-lb Bag next time.

  50. I. Han

    I finally harvested fresh bean sprouts this morning using Laurasoybeans (after many failed attempts with grocery bought soybeans)!!! Bean quality was absolutely great; clean and no broken/decayed pieces in the batch.

  51. Steve Johnson

    These beans are superior to all the other beans I have tried. I make natto. FYI, most beans are heat-treated to give a longer shelf life, and prevent sprouting. Laura beans are not heat-treated they are fresh. They sprout, which increases protein, and yields stringier better natto. I will buy again.

  52. JLC

    Never realized there were different kind of soybeans that are for sprouting until watching a Maangchi video. Had tried sprouting the ‘regular’ kind and they didn’t work well. These worked great!

  53. Anonymous

    I tried to make Japanese Natto for the first time.
    These beans are perfect! I definitely will order again.

  54. Anonymous

    Easy to order, quick delivery, beautifully packed, superb quality beans. Highly recommended.

  55. NattoNube

    After trying to make natto with grocery store soybeans, I watched a YouTube video from Natto Dad, which recommended these soybeans. The natto turned out great!

    Fast and reasonable shipping is a big plus!

  56. Anonymous

    Great beans clean and easy to use

  57. Anonymous

    I made perfect Natto by using Laura’s Natto beans! All my family loves it!

  58. Jen

    Fresh-tasting and healthy beans for natto. I found the beans from this company because Natto Dad recommended them. The quality is excellent.

  59. Anonymous

    Perfect small soybeans for natto. I appreciate the fact they come in smaller packages. Great service, too.

  60. June Nishihara

    Natto is my favorite for breakfast and I feel sated all morning. I started making my own natto after feeling guilty about throwing away the little styrofoam containers the frozen natto came in as well as the plastic wrappers. After watching a few You Tube videos and combining the techniques, I decided to use the Instant Pot to cook and ferment the Laura’s soybeans for natto. It turned out perfect! I live in a rural area and Asian markets that sell natto are about 150 miles away.
    Ordering from Laura’s soybeans was quick and easy. Shipping was quick as well.
    I appreciate the fact the founders of this company took the time to study from the Japanese what type of soybeans were used in tofu and natto making. I feel Laura’s Soybeans contributed to the success of my homemade natto.

  61. Sharon

    These beans are the perfect size for natto. They are uniform, clean and cooked evenly. Shipment was prompt and communication excellent. My natto is finally perfected!!! Thank you!

  62. Josefina

    I have recently begun making homemade natto. I initially began with regular size soybeans that I purchased at a local market but once I switched to using these (Laura) soybeans my ferments are coming out much better with a higher success rate. I don’t know if it is their size or freshness, or what, but these beans have transformed my home ferments for the better. Really grateful to have a new source of non-GMO beans.

  63. Anonymous

    After having made natto for years I feel these are the best beans ever. I’m very particular about my natto system and the spores I use. The only problem with this last order is that the gold bag they shipped it in had ripped open so beans were spilling very where when I opened the box.

  64. Anonymous

    I have never seen these tiny soy beans before and they are perfect for making Natto. I love them.

  65. thomas John Flotemersch

    Very nice sized bean for making Natto. Made my first batch with these and they turned out fantastic!

  66. Unknown

    The soybeans are in good quality and work well for sprouting.

  67. Chiziie

    It’s a perfect size for natto and definitely what I was looking for. I made natto with regular sized yellow soybeans before and my 5 yeas old son didn’t like it. Kids are always honest!

  68. Nam

    We bought Natto soybeans to grow bean sprouts. The size was much smaller than usual soybeans we used to know but the quality looked very good. We were able to grow bean sprouts successfully after several days. We just ordered Laura soybeans. Looking forward to growing even better bean sprouts.

  69. Masahiro Sakudo

    I make homemade natto.
    They offer very good soybeans.
    Thank you for your best soybeans!

  70. Florence Wang

    My home made natto using Laura’s soybeans turned out great. Even better than the store bought and way much fresher and flavorful. I tried before using store bought regular soy beans. It was ok but can’t compare with this at all. It’s the real flavor Japanese like.
    Will buy again in the future.

  71. SU

    I bought it for homemade natto. It’s perfect size for it and tasty. Thanks for making this!

  72. Henry Park

    Very good quality and fast grow for bean sprout

  73. Junko

    good size for my natto

  74. Sean Carmack

    What can I say – these are perfect for making delicious natto

  75. Debbie

    Thank you for such a wonderful product. I bought your natto beans and started making my own in an instant pot. It’s just like store bought natto which can be hard to find in the market. Natto is such a healthy food and my husband and I wanted to start eating more of it. I made my first batch from your beans and it was fantastic. Now I can make it anytime I want. Thanks again!

  76. Tamie Maehara

    Great quality. The size is in good order, great quality allows to use all beans.

  77. Megumi Nakasato

    Love this!!

  78. Naoko Neff

    I have a beautiful natto made with your soybeans. Thank you so much for the high quality product.

  79. Ray

    Perfect size for real Natto!

  80. edward hunter

    see above

  81. Joanna Kruk

    I am very pleased with the speed of delivery and quality of Laura non-GMO natto soybeans. After washing the natto soybeans, soaking them overnight in the refrigerator, pressure cooking for 25 minutes, cooling and fermenting with Kawashimaya natto culture in the Instant Pot for 24 hours at 107 F on the yogurt setting, I was able to enjoy my own natto and share the experience with family and friends. Natto seems to be a very healthy food, and I am very thankful to Laura for introducing natto soybeans into their offer.

  82. Akiko

    I purchased the 5lb bag of natto soybeans to make natto for the first time. It turned out so great! First, I was surprised and pleased that they knew about natto because it’s a food that is very specific to Japanese cuisine that not many Americans enjoy. Now, I have delicious, freshly made natto for breakfast everyday! I don’t have other dry soy beans to compare Laura’s soy beans to but this their beans looked great, no weird one in the bunch, are big and substantial, and the taste of the natto is great. It tastes very fresh. Their price is very fair for high quality beans as well. Thank you!

  83. Shoko

    Great for making natto! I’ll buy again.

  84. Jennifer

    I learned to make natto from a YouTube video and Laura soybeans was the recommended source.
    I made my natto in an instapot to cook then ferment the soybeans using the yogurt setting.
    The Laura soy beans made perfect natto! Great texture, size, taste and strings.

  85. Aiko Iijima

    I always cook natto using the this soybeans and it is so delicious! Shape, flavour and quality are all lovely!!

  86. ying

    i love making the bean sprouts with these soybeans. they are so fresh and got 100% sprouts. I recommend to many of my friends ! will buy again

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