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2 lb bag of NON-GMO Natto Soybeans 2023 Crop Best for Natto & Sprouting


(12 customer reviews)


2 pounds of 2023 Natto Soybeans great for making natty and for sprouting

12 reviews for 2 lb bag of NON-GMO Natto Soybeans 2023 Crop Best for Natto & Sprouting

  1. Kotoe Laackman

    I made Natto for the first time with this beans. Very delicious and the beans are perfect size. Only thing I gave 4 stars is that 2 pound bag cost more than double per pound compared to the bigger bags. I would buy 13 or 20 pounds bag next time.

  2. Sarah

    I’ve got new crops and I have been really enjoying my sprouting beans!
    If you want to try for sprouting I totally recommend this natto beans. The heads are smaller than regular so the textures way better than that. Buy new crops that way will sprout really well.

  3. Anonymous

    Super successful when used in sprouting. Thank you very much!

  4. Moggyk9

    Well the soybeans are very nice, I cooked too many for my batch of natto, so I ate a bowl full with butter and salt and pepper and really enjoyed them. Dad will be trying the natto tonight. My only issue was that when the pkg arrived, I pulled the bag out of the box and little soybeans spilled out everywhere from a hole in the bottom of the bag. We’re still finding them a week later.

  5. Jie

    Sprouting rate is 100%, excellent product!

  6. M

    Love love love!!
    I made Natto with this beans! Bought this because of the perfect size for Natto. Delivery was very fast too. I definitely recommend!

  7. H

    Loving these little jewels – makes perfect homemade natto!

  8. HY

    I have missed real natto ever since I moved to the US.
    Finally I got real one.
    I appreciate that sell this beans in small batches.

  9. Chizuko Rogers

    Good size bean for nattou and packing wax really tight.

  10. Sun

    I’ve purchased natto beans for sprouting and they grow very well! Will buy again, more pounds next time. Cool beans!

  11. Brad Morlan

    When I bought these soybeans, I intended to use them for sprouting, so I gave it a shot. WOW they grew quickly and there were very few that were brownish black and non sprouting! I was amazed at the flavor of them as well! I will definitely be a repeat customer and will buy a bigger back next time!


    I made very tasty Natto by your beans. Thank you!

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