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20 lb bag of NON-GMO Natto Soybeans 2023 Crop Best for Natto & Sprouting


(21 customer reviews)

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20 pounds of 2023 NON-GMO Natto Soybeans great for making natto and for sprouting

21 reviews for 20 lb bag of NON-GMO Natto Soybeans 2023 Crop Best for Natto & Sprouting

  1. Alexis

    I lived in japan for 4 years, and natto became part of my daily life. Moving back to America, I was disappointed by the price of natto and that we can’t recycle the packaging here. Since I make my own yogurt, I decided to give natto a shot. This has been a total money and environment saver! My Japanese coworkers are also impressed by the homemade natto! Next, we want to buy the normal soybeans and get into soy milk and tofu making at home.
    Thank you!!!!

  2. Michelle

    Those are the best soybeans quality I have ever seen. Very impressive! I can tell that they were preselected before packaging. There are NO ugly, discolored, or misshaped bean in all the bags I ordered. All of them are golden color and very fresh. The beans tasted a bit sweeter than the ones from other places. I totally love it!

  3. Elisabeth

    I had a wonderful experience with Laura Soybeans company from start to finish. First, I emailed to see if they could package the soybeans in something other than plastic. I quickly heard back from Jonathan that he would be willing to pack the soybeans in several layers of paper in a shipping box rather than the poly bag. I then requested that in the notes when I made my order. The soybeans arrived in beautiful condition (sans plastic), and I’ve already made a yummy first batch of natto with them. As another customer mentioned, the soybeans themselves are in impeccable condition. Excellent service. Excellent soybeans! Thanks!


    the best beans around.

  5. Tom

    FASTER than light delivery was great. The 20 lb natto soybean was the second purchase. The first time one bag was regular soy and one bag natto soybeans. The most recent was all natto soy. Super cool Thanks. Death to pesticides.

  6. Wendy Hawksley

    The soybean is fresh, small and high quality. Made Natto and in the process of sprouting. Natto tastes great and sprout is progressing beautifully. Thank you!

  7. Bil King

    Excellent communication, superior shipping and handling plus a swift and flawless delivery! These folks are serious about soy products and they offer only the very best quality beans. Highly recommended.

  8. Anonymous

    I’ve been making homemade natto with Laura soybeans for few years. Since then I’m so in love to this beans!! Can’t have any other companies anymore!!

  9. William

    Since I received the Non-GMO Natto Soybeans, I have made three batches of Natto, each from 1 pound of dry Natto Soybeans. The quality of the resulting Natto was more stringy than the ones made from the regular big soybeans because Natto Soybeans are smaller.

  10. Anonymous

    I was not so fond of Natto since I was a child, so did not eat much Natto even in Japan. Since I do not eat meat, I was recommended to eat Natto to get iron from my friend. I moved to US, and it is not easy to buy Natto where I live, so, I started to make one with InstantPot using Laura’s Natto Soybeans. Homemade Natto taste much better than the ones I have had in my life (I’m 50 by the way). Now I love Natto and eat it everyday!

  11. Mike

    If your making natto Laura’s natto soybeans are a must have. High quality and it tastes amazing. Fast and affordable delivery!

  12. James Oberg

    My wife and I have purchased natto at an oriental grocery store for years. I watched a video on YouTube by Natto Dad on how to make natto and where to purchase the soybeans. I’m currently making my second one pound batch. Laura Soybeans plus Natto Dad made it possible to make and enjoy our own natto at a fraction of the cost.
    Thank you Laura Soybeans. We look forward to do more business with you.

  13. Dan Whitcomb

    I’ve purchased a many varieties of soybeans in the past and hands down, these are the best I’ve ever tasted! I love these soybeans!

  14. Brandon Nakamura

    I’ve been searching for the best beans for making natto for a long time — all the beans I’ve found were too large, these beans are the perfect size for fermentation & are delicious as well.

  15. Janice Moskowitz

    Order process was efficient and product is as described

  16. Emi Prater

    The size of the beans is perfect for Natto! The taste was wonderful too! Thanks.

  17. wojciech drejer

    Has a great ability to produce very tasty natto, thanks.

  18. carrier

    Amazing. Perfect for sprouting and making natto

  19. Emily

    I had trouble finding the smaller soybeans for natto. These were exactly what I was looking for and they were great quality. Will definitely order again when I run out.

  20. Amber

    Natto beans arrived in good time. Quality looks great, and looking forward to homemade natto. Packaging could have been more durable, one bag got badly nicked during transit, but didn’t look like too many beans were lost.
    Overall good product and great purchasing experience.


    I’ve been ordering natto beans from Laura soybeans for years ever since I’ve found an easy way making natto at home. We used to buy many packs of natto from grocery stores but while it was convenient, it got expensive especially after our kids wanted it almost every breakfast. Found the idea from Natto dad, (Thank you Natto dad!) who uses a dehydrator that is able to keep the batch at 100F. My family loves natto and I make it almost every week. I hope this company will stay in business and continue to provide us with high quality, affordable natto beans for generations that will enjoy the health benefits of non gmo soy beans. God bless!

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