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12 lb bag of NON-GMO Natto Soybeans 2023 Crop Best for Natto & Sprouting


(94 customer reviews)

Crop Year:


The Best Soybeans for great Natto 2023 Crop

– 100% Natural Protein, grown straight from the earth
– Non-GMO (not genetically modified)
– Great for Sprouting and Natto
– You can make it at home
– Fresh! you make it when you need it
– Easy To Store Beans For Ease of Use

The Chambers Family Farm produces the highest quality food soybeans available for your home and family. All of our food soybeans are NON-GMO and grown, tended, harvested and packaged right here on our 5th generation family farm. Quality You Can Trust from our family to yours!

94 reviews for 12 lb bag of NON-GMO Natto Soybeans 2023 Crop Best for Natto & Sprouting

  1. Gregg Lerner

    these store great and have so many uses

  2. E

    Thank you so much for providing the proper smaller soybean for natto. I can’t even find these at my local Korean or Japanese supermarkets. I love that you keep these affordable and available for everyone to purchase. Will definitely come back for more once I run out.

  3. Anonymous

    I’m eating this everyday! Perfect size for natto. Stir fried sprouts are easy to make (from scratch) and delicious. I’m glad I bought the big bag. Thank you for the great product.

  4. Sharon

    First time buying from this site, first time grow my sprouts. High quality, fast shipping, this is my future place to shop for my soy beans.

    Growing my own sprout using the bean I received was so easy. I had 3 dishes already shortly after I got the beans. Highly recommend!

  5. Anonymous

    The beans were fresher than Those I bought from regular Asian stores. Made authentic natto which was praised even by authentic Japanese.

  6. Anonymous

    I am happy with your soybeans.

  7. Anonymous

    I have been searching for sprouting soybeans for a long time, this is the best! We will have soybean spouts anytime we want. Will recommend to friends and buy more.

  8. Anonymous

    The shipping is fast. The soybean is excellent, is the best I have ever bought. I made soymilk the day after I received. It taste very much fresh and smooth. The sprouts are 100% generated.

  9. Christine

    I made my first natto using this beans, they came out very good. The whole family like it. I am glad to find this small beans from Laurasoybeans. Will definitely buy from them again.

  10. Anonymous

    I was surprised to see that the beans are much smaller than regular soy beans. They are clean and in excellent condition. Soaked them for 24 hours and they started to sprout in 2 days. Before, I had used the regular soybeans and they just wouldn’t sprout. As of this writing, it’s going on third day and patiently waiting for the sprouted beans to be ready…

  11. tony

    five stars

  12. Anonymous

    These little beans are good in all ways I’ve tried them so far. Good (soaked and pressure cooked) for casseroles and soups. Because of their size, these are also easier to grind in my Nutrimill than are the larger beans, though the resulting flour is not as fine a powder as the commercial soy flours, it is a whole lot fresher!

  13. Lu Bauer

    I made my own sprouts right away after I received my 13-pound bag of soybeans. yummy! I love them

  14. Joy

    These are very good soybeans for sprout and my whole family enjoy it! Glad to find your product. Thank you!

  15. Anonymous

    Love,love love these beans. The day I received Iimmediately made some soy milk – taste fantastic
    and sorouted some beans – ready in 3 short days.
    I highly recommend this product.

  16. Anonymous

    I had used the organic soybeans from several store and they just wouldn’t sprout, I was very disappointed and don’t know where to buy the good sprouting soybeans , until I found this one. I’m very satisfied with this. I soak the beans in the water for 8 hours, then put in the pot to sprouting, only take less than 12 hours to have little sprout come out and ready to steam for making soy milk, before, normally take 2 days, and not 100% sprout. Will recommend to friends and buy more.

  17. Anonymous

    I bought 13 pounds of Small soybeans for Natto and the quality of the soybeans is excellent. By using the Natto Maker, I successfully made natto, tasting much better than regular soybeans. In addition, I have noticed that when I cover a towel over the top of the Natto maker to ensure it is dark, I see even better quality Natto! Perfect beans for Natto!

  18. Wilfred Sessoms

    Received my order and immediately follow the instructions to sprout the soybeans and everyone of the soybeans in the jar sprouted. Very happy with the results!

  19. Ed Brown

    I discovered the sprouting and natto beans by accident and had been using your other great beans with diminishing results. My for a batch with the natto beans was amazing and exactly what I was expecting.

  20. George

    I tried many different soybeans to sprout. None of them working. This soybeans work like magic. Every single bean sprouts. I just finished the first batch of sprouts with great success. Thank you Laurasoybeans.

  21. Nahomi

    First of all I was so happy to find the product! I love the size of the beans they are same as the packaged natto I usually purchase at the store. I have been hesitant to make home made Natto because of the size of regular soy beans which are too big for me. I finally made my first home made Natto with the Natto Soy beans and I am very happy with the result.
    Shipping was very fast! I ordered the product on Wed and they were at my door on Friday. Amazing!
    Thank you so much for making this product. Will buy them again.

  22. C. Davis

    These soybeans are great for making natto. I have found that small beans like these are hard to find. Also, the price is good and delivery to PA was quick.

  23. DY H

    The soybeans arrived on a timely manner (very quick), and were very fresh. They also sprout marvelously. I highly recommend these soybeans for everyone.

  24. Soy Face.

    I’m happy with these soybeans. No rocks or stones mixed in. I assume that they’re non-GMO as advertised. The natto I made turned out fine.

    I’d like them more if they were even smaller. That’s my only wish; they’re definately smaller than the larger sized soybeans being sold for soymilk, but they are larger than some of the soybeans being used in commercially-produced natto I’ve had previously (i.e., New York Natto uses smaller soybeans, and this contributes to an improved final product).

  25. Yukiko Whitehead

    I have not made any yet; however, I finally found the soybeans to make some Japanese style kotsubu natto. Thank you for having this size.

  26. June

    I have tried to sprout various soy beans that were labeled as sprouting beans from various sources with no success. All have turned bad (disintegrated) before the sprouts would grow. I had given up when I found these beans. I figured I would give it another try and if not successful, just make natto with them. I didn’t soak the first batch long enough, but they did sprout and finally grew to a decent length. I soaked the second batch for 24hrs, and they are growing much faster. Finally soy bean that will sprout!

  27. Coralee Mackey

    We looked for Natto, however it was shipped from
    Suppliers located out of country. Then we found
    The Bean! Your product is excellent and local.

    Thank you!

  28. Rick

    I use Laura Natto Soybeans for making natto at home. The craft of making natto took a little figuring out, but after about 4 batches, I’ve got it figured out. Laura Sprouting and Natto Soybeans are the best. I tried others–they were not so good and were not non-gmo. These are great and taste better.

  29. Kimberlee

    This is an excellent product at a fair price and is shipped very quickly. I am very pleased with this company and would highly recommend them to anyone on the fence. Thank you for offering NON-GMO Soybeans. So grateful for that :)!

  30. Clare Cao

    Better than what I had back in China many years ago. I always remembered soybean sprouts has a bit of bitterness to it. This one not only very very easy to sprout (I used the microwave rice cooker(it has the container, basket, basket cover, cover and outside cover, which produce the best sprouting condition), and also put 4 glass fermenting weight on top of the basket cover), also very fresh, crunchy, tasty!

  31. Anonymous

    I received Sprouting Soybeans very quickly. I like the beans very much.

  32. Irina

    We will be coming for more Laura soybeans! We use them to make natto. The beans are shipped very quickly and arrive in a perfect state. The final result is the best home made natto!!!

  33. Gina Bisco

    These little beans are good flavor for all purposes. I think they work great for soymilk, the milk turns out a slightly yellower color than with the bigger Laura soybeans but that just looks “right” to me. These natto beans are a size that is easier for my electric mill to grind for flour. I like them cooked in the pressure cooker, too. Have sprouted them, very lively and quick to sprout. Have yet to make natto… someday. I’m sure they will be terrific for natto, too. Wonderfull little beans!

  34. Chuck

    The natto soybeans come in fast and packed very well. They are super clean
    and make great natto.

  35. Great grandma

    These soy beans are the most fabulous beans I have ever tried. After I complete a batch of nattto, I just want to stand there and eat it straight from the pan. The strings goes on forever, and no need for additional additives to enhance the flavor. The bean profile shines through! Customer service was excellent. If I could give 10 stars, I would.

  36. Nice cook.

    I have been buy and eat this sprout soybeans many years. It is the best sprout soybeans. It is clean and shipping fast.

  37. Li

    Although the size of soybeans smaller than my imagined but the quality is good. I think I will buy again.

  38. Susheng Xin

    The best and the first soybean that I successfully grow bean sprouts. I have bought twice. will buy more.

  39. Thomas Nord

    This is the second time I’ve ordered this product. The last time I ordered 5 LBS. I was extremely happy with the last order so it was a no brainer to order a larger amount this time. I like the fast, flat rate shipping. I’ve been making Natto since 2013 and these soybeans produce the best Natto that I have ever made!

  40. Michaell

    I just received Natto soybeans. It’s just what I want! I usually make some natto from scratch, regular soy beans are too large to make it. This soy beans are beautiful, clean and perfect size for making natto!

  41. YM

    I home made natto using these beans and they came out awesome! Please please continue to grow these tiny beauties❤

  42. Hondo

    Bought a 13 lbs. bag of beans for natto and the first batch looks spectacular. This is the first time I’ve made natto, so I wanted to get some good beans. I just put them in the refrigerator to cure, but I can tell this was a good purchase.

    After seeing some of the comments, I may try sprouting some of these beans in the future.

    Also, the order processing and shipping were top notch. It got shipped the following day and it arrived within 5 days.

  43. Mia

    I LOVE Laura natto soy beans. Please keep making this delicious non-GMO natto soy beans!! Every time I make natto it is so fresh & delicious. It tastes like the good old times natto when I was growing up in Japan. Due to the Covid the shipment of my order was a little delayed but they answered my phone in person & very friendly & follow up the shipment. It arrived pretty soon after that. Thank you & please be safe & healthy.

  44. Anonymous

    This was my last hope to bean sprouting attempt with sprouting machine I got from amazon. After many fails with number of other store bought soybeans I was about to give up and return the machine. Than I found Laura soybeans from pinterest and gave a shot. I soaked overnight and put it to machine for sprouting next day. About 98% of the beans grew successfully and I had soup in 3 days 🙂 I think if I didn’t crowd the beans, it would have been 100% success rate. I am so pleased with the quality of the beans. I am going to learn making natto myself and very excited. Shipping was quick and easy. Thank you for Laura soybean having “quality” product that I can stick to forever now. Best regards.

  45. Vicki Tolka

    haven’t sprouted them yet….I think they’re going to be great!!!!

  46. Mieko

    I recently started making natto at home and, although the soy beans locally available were good enough, I wanted tiny beans for “kotsubu” natto. A Japanese blogger’s post led me to Laura and these beans made perfect natto. Very happy with the product and service!

  47. Chuck P

    Great products, fast delivery and reasonable shipping costs

  48. Holly Z

    These beans make great natto!

  49. Anonymous

    Local stores don’t have small soybeans for natto. Quality is crazy good. Very yellow with no broken beans. I think the flavor is better too. All at cheaper than local prices for ordinary beans. Will absolutely order again.

  50. Danny S

    Cheaper than local and great quality. No broken beans and very yellow. Made a great tofu with lots of flavor. Will absolutely buy again.

  51. Yunsook lee

    GREAT ON EVERYTHING .(sprouting and natto

  52. Helena B

    I am so pleased with these soybeans, I cannot recommend them enough for making natto at home (I do it in my instant pot)! 24 hrs soaking in winter, 18 mins on the bean setting on IP (or manual pressure), 10 mins natural pressure release and ready to ferment with perfect texture. Referred here by NattoDad and Emmymade on YouTube, and had seen a smaller bag available on Amazon – but wanted to buy direct! So glad I did; packed perfectly, shipped super quickly, and a lovely feeling supporting a “real live” Family Farm. I’ll be back, 100%, you can bet on that.

  53. Cindy Sekiguchi

    We are so thrilled to have discovered Laura’s Soybeans. I’ve tried–and failed–to make natto for years. Finally, I am making natto again and it is turning out wonderful. Alsol making soy sprouts, soy milk, okara hummus and crackers. Thank you.

  54. Chie

    I was able to completely make natto the size of Japanese natto.
    I have failed to make natto with large soybeans many times, but I was finally able to make natto satisfactory.

  55. Anonymous

    I used to grow soya bean sprouts, it came out very good

  56. Sara D

    We absolutely love the beans, quick shipping time, and excellent customer service!

  57. Anonymous

    I made natto, and it came out perfect! I am very happy with the purchase!

  58. Anonymous

    I got my order pretty soon. The beans are fresh harvested and in a high quality. I tried once to produce bean sprouts and turned out quite nice. Highly recommend to others.

  59. Tiffanie

    These beans made excellent natto with plenty of healthy mucilage. I tried two times before with other soybeans and it didn’t come out. First try with Laura beans and the natto was perfect!

  60. Karla

    Thanks for the perfect bean to make Natto. IHave made 3 batches from my last order and all turned out perfect!!

    Thanks for what you do!!

  61. Anonymous

    I’m very happy with my purchase! The package was delivered in a couple days after purchase, well packaged. It was my first attempt to make homemade nattoo and I am very satisfied how these beans turned out! My whole family love them❤️

  62. Gail

    I have always had confidence in Laura’s soy beans. And, this year’s batch validates that. I will continue to make natto and share with other natto lovers. I cannot just make a little batch for only my family, since the amount of effort takes time and patience. The end result is wonderful and highly complimented by my natto friends.

  63. Hannah

    These beans are fresh and good quality. I purchased these for sproutsing. All beans are sprouts well.

  64. Susiefreckleface

    I am really enjoying the flavor, smoothness and moisture of these Natto soybeans. I prepared them in the instapot aura slow cooker toggling between bake and stew. They retain moisture and the right amount of firmness for Natto. 5* product.

  65. Pam Batchelor

    Arrived quickly and very well packed.

  66. Pam Batchelor

    Arrived quickly and very well packed.

  67. Mariko

    These are the best soybeans for natto. I first used the typical soybeans (for tofu, soy milk….). Then I learned about the smaller soybeans specifically for natto. Made a real difference. My natto is great!

  68. Annie


  69. Rachel

    I’ve been purchasing the natto beans for many times and I can’t live without it!! I make my own natto and this beans are perfect size for natto. They always ship super quick and taste great. Thank you for making this great beans in US.

  70. Mrs. Orange

    I use these soybeans to make natto. It keeps a long time, rehydrates well, and turns into the finest yummy natto. I go through it so fast because my kids love it so much. I love that they provide these GMO free beans at a reasonable cost without crazy shipping costs either. We will be loyal customers for life. Thank you

  71. Guz

    I use it for soybean sprouts, they all grow good and tast good too.

  72. Anonymous

    I am satisfied with the soybeans I bought and grow the sprouts. I told my friend and she ordered soybeans from your company.

  73. From Minnesota

    I love these soybeans. I use them to make my own natto and they always turn out to be very flavorful. Shipping is very fast and reasonable. Our family cannot live without them!

  74. Kuiwon

    Bought this soybean to grow bean sprouts.
    I have been very successful with it.
    Thank you for good product.
    One thing I wish was my bean sprouts were thicker.

  75. Sunmin Jang

    Natto soybeans are very suitable for growing bean sprouts. Bean sprouts can be harvested in 4 days.

  76. Calvin

    My wife is Japanese and we love using these soybeans for making natto. A 13 lb. bag generally lasts us about one year. Much better quality and less expensive than the product sold in Asian grocery stores. Thank you Laura Soybeans!

  77. Dani Millay

    I have bought soy bean from many different companies, by leaps and bounds Laura’s bean are best. They are delicious and perfect in size for my Natto making and other soy ferments. I would recommend them hands down over any other company in the USA. Quick to process my order and delivery second to none. Super fast had beans in just 4 days from ordering. Fantastic!!! Thank you all at LauraSoybeans for all your hard work growing and harvesting. Very much appreciated!

    Dani Millay
    WitchHaven Apothecary

  78. Rex Roberton

    Very happy. Quick shipping, great quality. I’ll definitely be back for more.

  79. Makinde Pecanha

    This was a great purchase! I now have a great supply of yummy natto thanks to Laura soybeans! Thank you!

  80. DoggyMom

    I made my first natto with Laura’s natto soybeans with success. Making it was so much fun, and really tasty too. I have my second batch resting in my fridge now. Second batch turned out even better than the first.

  81. AnneMarie

    These soybeans are delicious, cook evenly and make the best natto.

  82. Asuka M.

    I soak the beans for 12 hours before cooking, and always get the great batch of natto!

  83. Ck

    Great beans for natto !!!

  84. Mayu

    Loved the beans so much and made best Natto ever!
    My daughter loves Natto and she gave me two thumbs up!!!! I will absolutely purchase it again!

  85. Elaine Fukumoto

    This is the only site that offers soybeans specifically for natto-making. The beans are smaller (kodaizu). I’ve had nothing but success in making natto with these soybeans. In calculating the costs compared to buying commercial natto on sale I found I save nearly $200 a year. We do eat a lot of natto.

  86. Sophia Lee

    I make natto & grow bean sprouts. They worked great.

  87. May

    This is my 3rd time to order Natto Soybeans because I love it. I can make delicious Natto at home.

  88. Tamaki Yuri

    We bought these soybeans to make natto. They are plump, chewy and beautifully-shaped (after cooked and fermented). I have grown up eating natto and have eaten many different kinds of commercial natto but have to say these natto beans are the best I have ever tasted! Thank you for making such tasty soybeans.

  89. Takako yamada

    I made natto. Taste very good!!

  90. phil bacon

    clean great tasting honest weight.
    so happy to find a great source as I eat natto almost every day.

  91. Tomoko Mehrer

    It was a dream come true to be able to easily purchase soybeans for natto in North America, but I I am very lucky to have found your store online, and the soybeans I purchased are of very good quality.
    Thank you very much.

  92. Asuka Miyahara

    Great soybeans for natto. Better than 2021 crop.

  93. Mariko

    I first thought (a couple of years ago) that ordering the 13 lb bag was a bit much and $$$, but I ordered it anyway. I was very pleased with the small sized beans for natto. I went to the trouble of calculating how many servings of natto I was able to make compared to the cost of buying an equal number of servings and I discovered I was saving a good chunk of $.

  94. Lisa W.

    Thanks to your amazing natto soybeans, I am now devouring my very successful batch of homemade natto with all it’s snotty glory. I will definitely be ordering from you again and again. Thank you so much!

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