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Laura® Soy Coffee dark roast 16 ounce bag


(10 customer reviews)


Dark roast Laurateaffee is not for the faint of heart, it’s bold and stout. You can use a standard drip coffee maker with standard paper coffee filter.  Naturally caffeine free and made with our Laura® Soybeans from the Chambers Family Farm.  Great for Cold Brew Too!

Use 1 tbsp of coarsely ground mild Laurateaffee in your coffee filter per cup of water.  Add your favorite creamer and you have a delicious healthy beverage.  No caffeine means no worries, you will be able to sleep at night. 🙂

Each bag is 16 ounces and can be ordered whole bean or ground.

10 reviews for Laura® Soy Coffee dark roast 16 ounce bag

  1. Vicki Tolka

    I’ll admit that I ordered the soybean coffee out of curiosity. We like a bold coffee and so I ordered the dark roast for us. It has a very pleasant and bold taste and I was pleased that I decided to give it a try!

  2. Denise

    The flavor is reminiscent of chicory. I tried a cup of 100% soy, and it was tasty, but not as rich as coffee. I ended up blending it half and half with coffee, and the complexity of flavor balance is perfect. Add a dash of cinnamon and homemade soy milk, and experience a lovely brew with healthy benefits! Will definitely order again. If you enjoy dark coffee, dark beer, dark chocolate and deep red wines, you’ll appreciate this dark roast.

  3. Thomas

    This is our first time trying soy coffee. I did not tell my family members and they all thought it was just regular coffee. Amazing.
    Ordered together with some soybeans and the delivery was excellent. Have not had a chance to use the soybean yet.

  4. mary

    To me, this stuff tastes just like the dark french roast coffee I drank before I switched to tea a decade ago. It is amazingly delicious. It tasted so much like coffee that I had a psychosomatic response the first time I drank it–I felt speedy & a bit sweaty! I talked myself down & now I just enjoy it every day knowing I won’t blow my sleep schedule. Big plus!

  5. Anonymous

    This is the first time I tried these and unfortunately I’m not really a fan. I’m still going to make the rest of it and maybe it will grow on me. This is kinda of an unfair review because I’m saying that I’m not really a fan based on my first cup.

  6. Elizabeth Wheeler

    I was leery of ordering the dark roast because dark roast coffee can be bitter. Laura’s soybean dark roast has never been bitter for me. It’s wonderful hot or iced. I love it black with nothing added. I’m out now and ordering more today.

  7. Katherine Preston

    I decided to try the soy coffee beans just for kicks, since I sometimes want decaf coffee in the middle of the day and instant is just so bad. Wow! Without milk or other additives, you would notice that this product is not real coffee (but still good), however, with cocoa powder or milk (esp soy), it tastes like a rich delicious coffee drink. I urge skeptics to give it a try!

  8. Elizabeth Wheeler

    I love strong coffee but wanted to cut back on caffeine. I use Laura’s soy beans for soy milk and soy yogurt so when I saw roasted beans I was ready to try but should I go with the dark roast? Yes! I’m so glad I did. It has the roasted flavored I love and never turns bitter. It warms up really well (if I forget to drink it all) and ices perfectly.

  9. James Clay

    I made a 1/2 pot, it will take some getting use tooo. But it is good also–just bitter– maybe I’ll mix some regular coffee and try that.

  10. Diane

    Thank you Laura for making a wonderful tasty alternative to coffee. With cooler weather, we enjoy a hot cup daily.

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