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10 ounce bag of Tosteds in resealable pouch


(16 customer reviews)


Flavors in Stock:

– Lightly Salted – dry roasted Laura beans with a touch of natural sea salt for added flavor!
– Unsalted – naturally dry roasted Laura beans with exceptional crunch and great flavor!

10 oz. Tosteds are packaged in a convenient resealable stand up pouch.

We Grow, Harvest, Process and Package all of our Tosteds soybeans right here on our Family Farm in Corwith, Iowa. Tosteds have half the fat, twice the fiber and 80% more protein than peanuts and Tosteds are low-carb making them the perfect soy snack.

Chambers Family Farms Tosteds are 100% dry roasted Laura® soybeans. There is no oil added anywhere during the roasting or coating process. The only oil is that naturally present in the soybean.

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Unsalted, Salted

16 reviews for 10 ounce bag of Tosteds in resealable pouch

  1. Pam Hjelm

    great in cookies for a little extra healthy texture

  2. Rita

    I have been trying a lot of toasted soybean lately and these are by far the best. There is no added oil, they are not too hard on your teeth and I love that they are grown and processed in the USA in Iowa. Well done!!

  3. Amber

    Tosteds are my new favorite snack! The lightly salted and maple flavors are amazing! And for a sweet and salty mix….combine them half and half!! I love that they are non-GMO and local here to Iowa.

  4. Anonymous

    Am vegetarian & always looking for ways to boost my protein. These are great mixed with granola for breakfast.

  5. Anonymous

    The soy nuts I bought are delicious. They didn’t give me a headache the way the genetically-modified soy beans do. The price is reasonable, and I’ll be ordering more.

  6. Anonymous

    It started off innocently enough. I’ll just include a 10 ounce bag in my soybean order to see what they taste like. 6 ounces into the bag I am in a panic about running out. They are that good. I would write more but I got to get my order in for 10#.

  7. Anonymous

    We were very satisfied with our purchase. Great quality, delicious, nutritious snack. Will be ordering more!

  8. Anonymous

    Best dry roasted soybeans ever

  9. PeterM

    I’ve been using a nut grinder to lightly pulverize a handful of these tasty beans to garnish my sandwiches and salads. Adds extra protein and all the other nutrients from soy. Very happy with the quality.

  10. MM

    Typically eating toasted soybeans is quite difficult and boring. The toasty and slightly salty flavors of toasted makes it fun to eat! They are also quite filling. A couple of tablespoons will calm down a growling stomach.

  11. Anonymous

    I had never though of soy beans as a snack but these toasted beans are great, both to nibble on a few or to include in a trail mix. A winner.

  12. Tracy H

    I watched a webinar in which a doctor said that whole soybeans help to ease hot flashes. And he mentioned Laura’s Tosteds by name. While I’m not yet in menopause, I figured I’d see how they tasted. I was bracing myself for them to be pretty unpalatable, but I was pleasantly surprised. Instead of having the consistency of nuts, which was what I expected, their texture is more like crisped rice. I got the lightly salted ones, and they’re a great snack. I’ll definitely be purchasing them again.

  13. Kim

    Shipped on time

  14. Mary Rathke

    I love the crunchy texture and taste! My go to snack, and great for lowering cholesterol!

  15. Grace

    It tastes perfectly roasted & not salty, so perfect afternoon snack.
    Love love Laura soy bean products.

  16. Anonymous

    Surprised how good this crunchy snack was. Just right salt, great crunch!

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