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A wooden stand with small bags of Tosteds, with larger resealable clear bags of Tosteds and Tosteds Trail Mix.


Tosteds are our family farm roasted soybean snack made with 100% Non Gmo Laura® Soybeans.  Tosteds are dry roasted for a delightfully light crunch.  Our flavors include unsalted, light salt, sweet maple (made with Vegan maple syrup) and a trail mix with dried blueberries, cranberries, bananas and dairy free dark chocolate chips.  Tosteds have half the fat, twice the fiber and 80% more protein than roasted peanuts and are all made here on the Chambers Family Farm where we only process soybeans and nothing else. Tosteds make a great addition to your children’s lunch box adding protein and fiber, they are great for athletes of all abilities for added protein.  Tosteds are perfectly suited for hiking, biking and road trips, a quick and easy snack with great storage life. Tosteds make a great healthy holiday gift!

Here is what customer are saying about Tosteds:

Order was received today – my first with your company. I wanted to say THANK YOU!!! Those were the best soy nuts I have ever tasted in my life!! Don’t think I’ve ever eaten a better toasted soy nut before or ever will again…Bless you all…

Linda N.

Tosteds are my new favorite snack! The lightly salted and maple flavors are amazing! And for a sweet and salty mix….combine them half and half!! I love that they are non-GMO and local here to Iowa.

Delicious. Perfect addition to salads.