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The Skinny on Soy a new book by author Marie Oser
The cover of the book "The Skinny on Soy" by Marie Oser.

The Skinny on Soy a new book by author Marie Oser

This new book The Skinny on Soy by Marie Oser is a must read for anyone who enjoys soy as part of their daily diet or has questions on the health merits of soy.  In this book Marie reveals research that proves soy is good in soy many ways.  If you ever had any doubts about the safety of soy or it’s health benefits, this book will dispel any concerns or negative talk that you may have heard.

Soy. Mention its benefits in polite company and brace yourself for a barrage of questions and accusations directed at soy and all the products made from it. The Skinny on Soy addresses the continuing campaign to cast doubt on the safety of consuming soyfoods with peer-reviewed research and common sense. Soy has a long and venerable history spanning fifty centuries of Asian culture and has been the subject of more than seventy years of research in the scientific community. If you are a health-conscious consumer interested in eating tasty, wholesome, and convenient plant-based meals more often, but have cut back or eliminated soy from the menu, this book is written for you. The Skinny on Soy speaks with top experts in the field to shed light on the issues and sort out the claims behind the mountain of anti-soy rhetoric. Sit back, pour yourself a tall glass of soymilk, and join the author in sorting through the allegations and rumors that have cast a shadow on soy for well over a decade.