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Sprouting Soybeans made easy!
Two side-by-side images, one showing Natto Soybeans, the other showing soybean sprouts on a cheesecloth.

Sprouting Soybeans made easy!

Wanted to update my blog about sprouting soybeans using either Laura® Soybeans or the Natto Soybeans.

I started on the initial soak of both the Laura® soybeans and the Natto Soybeans on April 27th in the evening.  After following the directions below by this morning; only that short length of time I ended up with good sprouts from both different styles of beans.  Both beans sprouted well and stayed nice and yellow.  It is so important to make sure they sprout in a dark place to avoid any green color.  As you can see by the jars in the background, I used the method listed in the blog below.

Laura® and Natto Soybeans after just 2 and 1/2 days:

Natto Soybeans after just 2 and 1/2 days:

Three easy steps for sprouting soybeans:

It’s easy to make your own soybean sprouts at home, all you need is a quart mason jar, some cheesecloth, a rubber band, water and either Laura® Soybeans or our Natto/Sprouting Soybeans.

Start out with 120 grams (2/3 cup) of Laura® or Natto/Sprouting Soybeans, a one qt. glass mason jar, cheesecloth and a rubber band.

#1) Rinse the soybeans and put them into the mason jar. Fill mason jar with twice as much water as the soybeans. Attach the cheesecloth with rubber band and let sit for about 8 to 10 hours.

#2) After the 8 to 10 hours of soaking, with the cheesecloth still attached pour out the soak water. Now rinse the soybeans by filling the jar with water and gently swishing the beans around. Pour out rinse water so no water remains in the jar of soaked beans. Let set in a dark place to avoid green colored sprouts.

#3) Repeat the rinsing procedure about twice a day until soybeans begin to sprout. Continue until the beans have sprouted to desired length.

It took about 3 days for the soybeans to start sprouting.

The Laura® soybeans will have a larger sprout.

If you liked this blog and are excited to try sprouting soybeans yourself, we hope you checkout our non-gmo soybeans grown straight from our family farm.