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Make your own Okara Flour
A blue bowl with homemade Okara powder and the words 'The Wholesome Soy Minute'.

Make your own Okara Flour

What to do with that Okara is a question that gets asked a lot.  There are several ways to utilize the okara, this is an easy method of making okara flour to use in baked goods adding protein and soy goodness to your recipes.

Start with the okara from your batch of soymilk.  Squeeze as much water out of the okara as possible. You can use a colander or a nut bag.  (Tip!  To get even more solids out of your soymilk, use the nut bag instead of the mesh strainer that came with your machine). Now, take the okara and spread it out evenly over a un-greased cookie sheet.  Place the cookie sheet in a pre-heated 200F oven.  Stir okara every half hour as the okara becomes flour.  The flour is ready when dry to touch.  Now use it to enrich any recipe with Laura® Soy-goodness.