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Laura® Soybean Coffee
A close up of a pitcher pouring hot Laura Soybean coffee into a white teacup.

Laura® Soybean Coffee

Just made a great cup of Laura® soybean soy coffee.  It’s simple and smells delicious plus the taste is great!  Naturally non gmo, caffeine free and homemade.  As someone who can’t have a lot of caffeine in my diet this is a great alternative to coffee.  Top it off with your favorite creamer or just use homemade Laura® soymilk and a bit of sweetener and you are good to go with a quick and easy cup.


I started with one (1) cup of unsoaked Laura® Beans.  I rinsed the Laura® beans in a strainer.

Next I took the Laura® beans and spread them out in a single layer on a perforated pizza pan.

I set the oven for 420F (if you have a convection oven, use the convection setting).

Then bake the rinsed Laura® beans on the cookie sheet for 28 minutes until they are dark brown.  If you are using a non-convection oven, you may want to stir them about every 9 minutes.

Let them cool.

To grind you can either use a coffee grinder on coarse setting or you can also use a food processor and pulse until the cooked Laura® beans are coarsely ground.  (you don’t want any large chunks of beans left).

I then used 1 tablespoon of grounds in the filter for every cup of coffee I brewed, you can experiment for your personal tastes.

Then Brew!!

Rinsed Laura® beans

Rinsed beans spread on perforated pan.

Roasted beans

Ground beans in food processor

5 tablespoons for 5 cups of coffee.