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Laura soy milk smoothie
A blender filled with soymilk, coconut milk, greens, some fruit and protein powder. A package of Laura Soybeans sits next to it on the ground.

Laura soy milk smoothie

My favorite post workout smoothie is made with Laura® soymilk.  It’s quick and easy and loaded with all sorts of natural goodness.  I start with 8 ounces of Laura soy milk, 4 oz of coconut water, then I add kale, cilantro, parsley, blackberries, raspberries, chia seeds, wheat grass juice, a few slices of banana and top it off with your favorite protein and blend.  I carry it with me to the farm in a shaker bottle, to the office or with me in the car.  My source for wheatgrass juice is:  Evergreen Wheatgrass Juice, it’s grown outdoors and frozen into small single serve packets just right for your smoothie, I buy mine at my local food coop. Have fun experiment try adding different fruits and greens.


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