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Laura® beans make great sprouting beans too!!
A white plate with sprouted Laura Soybeans, showing a single root coming out of each bean.

Laura® beans make great sprouting beans too!!

Laura Soybeans are great for soymilk, tofu, miso, tempeh and boiling , but did you know that Laura soybeans are also great for making soybean sprouts.  Due to the Covid 19 pandemic we were overwhelmed with demand for our Laura beans and our Natto size soybeans.  Some people had been using the natto size beans for sprouting but when we sold out of them, they used the Laura beans and it turns out that the Laura beans sprout just as well if not better than the Natto size beans.  If you want delicious soybean anything, use our Laura® soybeans from our Chambers Family Farm.  Here are a couple reviews we have had recently:

This is the best quality bean!
Product: 5 Lbs. Non-GMO Laura® Soybeans 2019 Crop

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I ordered 5Lb Soy bean .And I made bean cold noodles soup & soy bean sprouts.

Taste is Amazing!! I really love Laura Soy beans products.

Great soybean sprouts
Product: 13 Lbs. Non-GMO Laura® Soybeans 2019 Crop

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Soybean sprouts [kong-na-mool] is a ubiquitous Korean banchan [side dish]. I started growing my own sprouts with beans a friend gave to me from your farm. It is so fun to grow and tastes so much better than store bought. I was a bit worried that the beans I purchased wouldn’t sprout because there is no mention about sprouting (unlike your NATO beans), but it works just as great. Your have top quality beans. I am a happy soybean sprout grower….trying out if I have a green thumb.

For this sprouting, I used the quart mason jar method from our blog:…

Always make sure to sprout your beans in the dark.