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Homemade Laura® Soymilk for only $2.32 per gallon!
Three side-by-side images. The first is Laura Soybeans next to a tall glass of soy milk. The second is a 3-D rendering of a golden dollar sign. The third is an illustration of a carton labeled 'Soy Milk'.

Homemade Laura® Soymilk for only $2.32 per gallon!

The price of store bought versus homemade soymilk will surprise you!

We don’t buy soymilk at the grocery store so I hadn’t given much thought to the price of commercial soymilk these days.  I always knew it is less expensive to make your own soymilk rather than buy it from the store.  So I went on a quest to check out the prices of unflavored refrigerated commercially processed soymilk.  I was really surprised when I looked at the price of 1 half gallon of soymilk; it was $5.29 per half gallon (at this particular store).  That’s $0.08 per ounce!  Plus, it comes from a factory where it is processed into soymilk.

Using our 13 pound box of Laura® Soybeans I calculated how much it costs per 1/2 gallon for delicious additive free homemade soymilk;  $1.16 per half gallon.  That’s $4.13 less per half gallon!  I never imagined there would be that much of a difference between fresh homemade soymilk and processed soymilk in a carton.

You can make your own soymilk easily at home with either a soymilk machine:

A standard home kitchen soymilk machine will cost around $100.00, they are great and easy to clean.

Or you can make homemade soymilk using a blender, saucepan and cheesecloth or nut bag.

Visit our blog to learn how to make homemade soymilk from a blender and saucepan.

Besides the cost savings of homemade soymilk, you know exactly what ingredients are used.  Homemade soymilk is awesome because you only use water and Laura® Soybeans, no other additives, preservatives, processing on long production lines somewhere far away.

When you do make your homemade soymilk, give Laura® soybeans a try.  Laura® Soybeans are grown on our 5th generation Chambers family farm.  We have been growing NON GMO Food grade soybeans for soymilk and tofu since 1987. Visit to learn more.

For more information on why homemade soymilk is the best visit our blog.