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Difference between the Laura® Soybeans and Natto/Sprouting soybeans
Two side-by-side images, one showing Natto Soybeans, the other showing Laura Soybeans.

Difference between the Laura® Soybeans and Natto/Sprouting soybeans

Many times I am asked; “what is the difference between our Laura® soybeans and Natto/Sprouting soybeans?”

Laura® soybeans, is our family variety best suited for the production of Soymilk and Tofu.  This is due to the high protein, large size and delicious flavor of the Laura® soybean milk.  I have visited many tofu shops in Japan and each time I learn a little more about the process of making tofu.  To make good soy milk and especially good tofu, a soybean has to have just the right amount of protein, sweetness and other attributes difficult to quantify.  Tofu makers have told me that they like large soybeans because there is more “meat” to “skin” so that they can have more yield in tofu.  Along with the size of the bean, the protein has a large impact on yield, the higher the protein, the more tofu per bean.  Large beans generally have a thinner skin and soak better than smaller beans.

Natto/Sprouting soybeans are best suited for; as the name suggests, making natto and sprouting.  The natto/sprouting soybeans are very small and have very hard seed coats.  They tend to have slightly higher germination rates which implies that they would be good for sprouting.  Also, the sprouts from the Natto/Sprouting beans are much smaller than the larger Laura® soybeans making them easier to work with in stir fry recipes etc.  Most natto is produced with smaller soybeans as opposed to larger soybeans, due in part to more surface area per bean for the natto bacteria to attach and ferment the beans.

Both Laura® and the Natto/Sprouting soybeans are non gmo developed by traditional cross breeding that has been used for centuries.

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