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Laura® Soy Coffee
A tea cup filled Laura Soy Coffee, with brown roasted soybeans at the base of the cup.

Laura® Soy Coffee

Recently a customer called asking if we made soy coffee.  They had told me that they couldn’t handle coffee because of the caffeine and acid.  At that time, we weren’t roasting up soy “coffee” beans.  I went to work and after some trial and error came up with a delicious Laura® Soy Coffee made with our Laura® soybeans that we grow here on our family farm.  It’s easy to brew using your standard auto drip coffee maker.  Put 1 tbsp per cup of coffee in the filter then add your water to the tank and brew!  Make sure you grind your Laura® Soy Coffee beans on coarse setting for the best brewing experience.

If you enjoy cold brew, that works great too!  Just add 1/2 cup of your coarsely ground Laura® Soy Coffee beans in to a mesh bag of filter and then place in 64 ounces of water.  Let stand overnight (12 – 18 hours), remove the bag, pour over ice and enjoy.  Add your favorite creamer to give it that finishing touch.  Super simple and delicious.