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As Always…NON GMO
The word 'GMO' with a red circle with a line through it.

As Always…NON GMO

Laura® Soybeans are non-GMO. Here at Chambers Family Farm we are very careful to maintain the integrity of our soybeans. There are many steps and lots of work that goes into protecting the identity and the NON GMO status of our Laura® Soybeans. It begins with seed production, by carefully planting and then isolating the Laura® Soybeans that will be seed for the following year.

We walk the fields, row by row looking for any possible off types, checking for leaf and flower color, style of leaf, etc. It takes a lot of time, but it’s all part of a job that we love!

Following that, we spend hours vacuuming and sweeping out the harvesting machine to make sure that there are no leftover seeds from the previous year. It is only after the thorough inspection of the crop and cleaning of the equipment that we store our seed, ready to be sorted and bagged for the next year.

In addition to rigorous examination, we also test for any possible GMO contamination. We collect a random sample of our Laura® Soybeans and perform a specially designed strip test to check for any GMO contamination. (see image).

The process is as simple as it is accurate. I grind the soybeans and add water. I allow them to settle and then draw off about 10ml of liquid.

I place the liquid into a small cup and let the slurry wick up the test strips. If only one reddish bar shows on each wick, then it is clear of Genetically Engineered seeds.

This is a qualitative test, one that detects the presence of any GMO genetic material. Any GMO material would result in a positive reading. I use the qualitative test as opposed to a quantitative test, which would only register when GMO material would reach certain levels.

It is because we are so meticulous in working and monitoring our soybeans that I am completely confident that our Laura® Soybeans remain NON GMO. It is this attention to detail that maintains the purity and NON GMO status of our Laura® Soybeans, so that you can always be confident in the quality and purity for your soymilk, tofu, tempeh, etc.

In this image, you can see the results of the strip test. One red line indicates no GMO contamination.