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Pressure cooked Laura® soybeans equals delicious!!
A plastic container filled with pressure cooked Laura Soybeans

Pressure cooked Laura® soybeans equals delicious!!

We hadn’t had a pressure cooker until we purchased an 8 quart Instapot.  I wanted to make a batch of vegan chili for a local chili cookoff and decided along with the kidney and chili beans I would put cooked Laura® beans in the mix.  The soybeans need to be soft and cooked before you use them in recipes.  To soften them up, I soaked two cups of dry soybeans for 4 hours in water, then put the soaked beans into the Instapot with 6 cups of fresh water.  I set the instapot for 14 minutes of pressure cooking on high.  They came out perfect.  On their own the pressure cooked Laura® soybeans tasted delicious.  I have had a similar style food in Japan “Nimame” or simmered beans and were seasoned with delicious spices.  You could use these pressure cooked Laura® soybeans in place of beans in any recipe.  I can imagine that they would make a tasty addition to your favorite bean burger or ground up and used in vegan tacos etc.  Will post the chili recipe in my next blog.  Happy Laura® Soybean cooking!!!